Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catching Up

Been keeping busy these last couple of weeks. Agility, puppy sitting, cleaning house...and yes a trail or two. Fin got her last super q for her snooker championship title...very exciting. But, unfortunately, she and I haven't q'd a lot. Our runs have been close, and there are some really pretty parts.. But little mistakes keep us working towards that symmetry that I know we will get to.

My hand improvement is very slow. The good news? My OT recommended that I get an iPad! At this very moment I am sitting in my living room typing with my left hand. I love my iPad and highly recommend it.

Puppy raising part time has been an adventure. I really am surprised how much work it is when the little squirt comes to whizland. I have to schedule the day so that I get in individual training times and my dogs are vocal in there annoyance that I'm working the pup. He is a good pup and I am enjoying working a puppy again, but glad that he lives mostly with Laura.

Now that I have my iPad, I'll post more often.