Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This Shit Never Gets Old

I was sick with a head cold last week.  Pretty darn miserable.  Then I went to an agility trial.

Fin was super happy and speedy.  No "Q's" on day one, but oh what a ride.  Walking to the line with Fin is like getting on the best roller coaster money can buy.  She is super fun and gave me tons of attitude this weekend.  Loved running her.

Olive was a superstar too. 

Given where we were last year (couldn't even get her to run in a group class), I gave her time off and started her back to agility after the babies went to their new homes.  When people ask me when I'm going to show Olive, I tell them that Olive and I are on Terrier time. 

Olive and I started back in agility just the two of us, playing in the back yard and then eventually at the agility field.  Once I felt the love for agility was building, I put her in a group class.  Group class seemed to be getting better and better....so we went to our first fun match.  It went very well. 

I thought, let's just sign up for one run each day.  She was AMAZING!!
Although I've been sick and feeling sorry for myself.  You could not wipe the smile off of my face.

I simply love this sport.  I simply love my dogs.  I am incredibly grateful for the friends that I have and the support that I receive through the agility community.

Thanks to Ian from Ian Coggins Photography for the photos!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

LIfe Goes On

Fin and I are back at it this weekend.  SMART trials are very fun and it is here in Morgan Hill.  10 minutes from my house!!  I might even have a run or two with little Olive.  We will see how she is in the environment.

Weather looks cold but dry.  Good for the dogs.  Great for agility.  I am very excited about trialing again.  I've literally been to one day of one trial just before surgery.  Fin Q'd in Steeple (yeah!) but now we need a ton of Q's for Nationals next October.  Going to be a bumpy road but I'm hoping that we succeed.

Fin is very excited about getting out and doing agility again.  I expect a high crazy dog (the way I like them).  Olive, I'm hoping for some focus.  I'm not planning on trying to Q, just planning on running as fast as I can and see that she runs with me.  A good test for the Spring trial season.

All is good in crazy cancer land.  Start my radiation today.  The worst is behind me I hope.  Exercise, eat right, and stay focused on the good stuff.