Friday, August 29, 2008 is time for the Regionals

Here in the bay area, we have the USDAA Regionals every Labor day weekend. This year we are having 4 days of agility with more that 3900 runs.

Now granted, Friday starts at 6:00pm, with only a pairs run, but there are so many dogs, they are splitting the pairs into two rings!

Saturday is team and I put Tazz in Performance for all the tournament classes and Championship for everything else. He is teamed up with Beau the poodle and the "boyz" should have fun together.

I volunteered at this trial as the "vendor" person. This means that before the trial I coordinate all the vendors who are coming. Then day of the trial, I set out where they will be. We'll have 14 vendors at this trial (this is a large number of vendors).

There are alot of secret benefits to volunteering. If you are considering being a volunteer, I highly recommend it. One of the benefits is I'm on the trial committee. This means I am part of a group of people that get the emails about the organization of the trial and make all the decisions. We get to talk about such exciting things as porta potties - how many and where they should be, toilet paper - how many rolls (turns out we are talking ALOT of toilet paper), recycling and garbage.

There are other benefits of volunteering, but the truth of the matter is I do it because we wouldn't have a trial if people don't step up.

So, I will not let my vending duties get in the way of my "agility run" duties. I'll pull myself away from the shiny objects long enough to run a few good runs. It will be hot, so we'll see how it tazzie loves his cool mornings so we'll see what the weekend brings.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When the Little Guy has to Stand Up to the Bully

I work hard on my veggie garden. In spring I always dig out the boxes, make sure the wire mesh is still in place to prevent moles and gophers. I put in new dirt, water and fertilize. I plant once the frost is over and make sure the plants get the attention they need.

Yesterday I went out to check the tomatoes. They looked great! There were a number that were ripe, but I thought to myself, "let them go one more day...they'll be so tasty tomorrow." What I couldn't anticipate is the total annihilation of every tomato I grew by a pack of tomato worms.

Did the tomato worms struggle to dig up the hard packed dirt from last year, NO!
Did the tomato worms pay the water bill, NO!
Yet, this year, like a pack of bantios, they came to MY home and raided my veggie garden.
No, they did not eat every tomato on all 6 of my plants, what they did was ate parts of every tomato on every plant so that no one is going to be able to eat any tomatoes! Not just the green ones, not just the red ones, EVERY SINGLE tomato is gone or half gone. They even ate the new buds!

I feel like I need the magnificant seven to come help me next year.

There simply is no justification for this carnage (all in one night!). I'm an easy going person. I know that I'll loose fruit and veggies to the animals and insects, it is why I grow so much. I figure, share and share alike. But I don't expect to loose ALL of my fresh veggies in ONE night!

Where did these guys come from? Why did they come to my house. Do they think I will stand by and let them do this to me? I grew those tomatoes, I get to decide how they are going to be distributed, and tomato worms were NOT on the list!

They are huge and ugly. But no more.

When the comentary is more...

...interesting than the run. This is a masters standard run from Sunday. Ok, Tazz is looking good, however, we were slow in the weaves and he was checking out the judge on the apex of the A frame...the result, we were over time. But the best part of this run is after the A frame, make sure the sound is on. The comentary is hysterical.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Addiction - Identifing the Abusers

In medical terminology, addiction is a state in which the body relies on a substance for normal functioning and develops physical and emotional dependence.

When a "Q" on which someone is dependent does not occur, it will cause a withdrawal, a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. A lack of a "Q" can cause an increase in certain behaviors such as a return to training foundation skills, increased grumbling, pointing blame at other factors, increased video purchasing, overt optimism, higher internet surfing, putting for sale signs on ones dogs, saying they should quit (we know they won't), or locking oneself in their home saying they'll never "Q" again.

Addiction is generally associated with increased "No Q" tolerance. As one gets more and more addicted, the lack of "Q's" becoming more common place, a resistance to no Q's is increased. Excuses replace "Q's". True addiction can be identified by the person that doesn't "Q," but can point out where the run went well.
One "Q" will make the person giddy and over the top and generally can keep that person "high" for many runs. Enablers will allow a "Q" every once in a while to keep that person hooked. Many enablers are truly masters at timing when the "Q" will be most unexpected and keep that person hooked for a long time to come.

I am an addict and Tazz is my enabler. Welcome to my world.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A good weekend

Another day another trial :)

Salinas Monterey Agility Racing team (SMART) is an agility club I'm active in. We put on two trials every year in Prunedale, California. This year, the fog rolled in and we had some nice cool weather for the two days (it did get hot and sunny midday, but GREAT agility weather for sure).

There was alot of work. I'm the RV Czar for the August trial. It is a great gig. People tell you they want to camp. You get their $$, give it to the SMART treasurer, make a map of where everyone should go, and then make sure they are happy with their spots. This job is all in the prep work and making sure everyone knows where to go. By the time the trial starts, you don't have much responsibilities. Sure I did the basics of pole setting, shoot straightening, leash running, trash cleaning, but all in all I was pretty relaxed.

Saturday wasn't a "Q" day, but all of our runs were fun. Laura had a number of runs that were wonderful and Tazzie really seemed happy all day. I think our gamble was the most exciting. Going into the gamble Tazz had enough points and all he needed was to do jump, A, Tunnel, then take a jump way far away. I didn't think we had a chance in heck of getting it so I just thought I'd work on my contacts and such. When the buzzer went off for the gamble, we were in a good spot and we went running towards the jump a-frame combo, I had to stay about 15 feet away from him, but he took the A frame with no prob. Coming down the other side he touched yellow! I couldn't believe it, then I sent him to the tunnel and he went in! "the crowd was going wild!" Out of the tunnel, he came right to me and took the wrong jump. I could have cared less! He was such a good dog and got all the hard stuff!

Sunday we had high hopes for a good day. Tazz was 6th dog in the ring for Perf National Standard. It was over before I could believe and we "Q'd!" We did everything just fine, I was off the line for the weaves, but he made up time by doing the weaves a little faster than normal. Whew! very exciting!

Tazz PNS - Yippiee!

Tazzies and my favorite event is snooker. I always hope for a "super Q" (being in the top 15% of the jump class), but given our speed, I work on making a nice course for Tazz that allows him to get some speed without jerking him off obstacles. Since this was a pretty good size trial, I decided to go for a good course rather than trying to get all the points. Although the start wasn't exactly what I had walked, we did good and got through the sixth obstacle in the closing. I new I q'd, but never did I dream I would super Q. But we did! Yippiee! Horah! Zowza!

Super Q! Whoo Hoo

So Tazzie got to come home and swim in the pool and Kel couldn't complain about dog hair. Tazzie did his job and made his mom love agility all the more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Fitness Report!

As you might imagine, movement has been a challenge this week. However, I'm happy to say, "I'm Baaaaaack!" My back feels great and my "boo boos" from my fall are healing well.

What I noticed is that running agility last night was harder than it was before my little slow down. I was out of breath more and it was almost like it was before I lost some weight and was working out regularly. I did loose a half pound this week, so it is totally associated with the "activity." It is actually a little exciting to find this out. So lot's more activity this week should get me back where I was before this little hitch in the road.

Realistically I know that I won't be 100% for this weekends shows, but I think by the regionals next week, I'll be back where I was.

I'm going back to fitness training next week and my goal is to work out everyday (not to overdo it, but get in the gym and have fun). Tazzie also has to work out, so we'll dolots of swim days and nice long walks. I'm sure this will help with my personal attitute as well.

Busy weekend with the SMART trial. I'm only the RV Czar so it isn't so bad. Once I get everyone settled, there is no work except to clean up the reserved signs. Tazz and I are focused on getting some standard Q's. A gamble would be good too, but we'll need a really easy gamble or devine intervention for a gamble Q.

Fins training is coming along...I'll have video soon...just been a real busy week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Put your right foot in, take your right foot out....

It has been eventful and not eventful all at the same time.

Friday morning, minding my own business (or not paying attention, one or the other), I fell over a stake in the backyard (I had put this stake in the ground mind you). The result is a bruised ego and a realization that my body doesn't bounce like it used to.

No worries, the pups were there to help.

Fin barks, "Mommy Mommy, wheeeeeee, look at me" and she bounces off my back using it like a trampoline.
Rocky, after droping the ball near my head, "throw the ball, throw the ball"
Maddie, "Squirrel, Squirrel...I'll kill the squirrel"
Tazz, "My Mommy! Get away! My ball! My dirt. Hey that's mine!"
Vici, "Fin go get help!"
Fin runs away, does a couple zoomies around the yard before running into Kel who is wondering what the racket is in the back.
Fin barks at Kel, "Mommy fell in the well" "arf arf".
Kel responded, "Fin we don't have a well"
Fin frustrated says, "Mommy's in the WELL!" arf arf. Then she did a couple zoomies and Kel noticed me behind a bush in the dirt and came to my rescue.

I did some training this weekend, but not enough.

I spent Sunday putting together a computer and getting my mom started on using it. I'm sure she'll figure out all the new stuff soon. Unfortunately something is wrong with the sound and when she plays my videos, I sound like a chipmunk. She didn't want me to fix it as she says it is so cute. I couldn't figure it out so if anyone out there knows why the sound card would make me sound like a chipmunk, I'd appreciate your help.

In the meantime, food intake is good. Exercise has been limited to walking and I'm officially done with being sore.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekly Fitness Report!

Well I missed last week, but I'm back at it this week. The back is better, my attitude is better, my eatting is better.

I officially ate everything in the house last week. The only blessing in an otherwise backwards eatting marathon was that I couldn't drive for fast food so I ate healthy things in quantity.

I did find that I LOVE one serving pizzas. If planned correctly into your day, the celest single serving (450 calaries) is pretty darn yummy. You can cook it in the oven and add veggies to it to make it even better. I had it with a salad and felt totally filled to the brim.
Weight watchers and Lean Cuisine have good ones too, but if you feel like you really need a slice of heaven, I highly recommend Celeste. I truly felt like I was eatting a slice of regular pizza!
Ok the bad news, exercise has been sporatic at best. Just haven't been myself and so I am swimming and walking, but no weights at all (maybe next week). I have lost weight so that is good. I'm down 1 pound in two weeks. Not bad for the mood I've been in.
Next week should be a good week as I'm feeling better and doing more. The apples are ripening and so I'll be eatting lots of those.
We are about a week away from two weeks of dog shows. Can't wait! It will be way fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where has she been?

Blogging: Writing something every day to amuse yourself and a few others.

Wasn't it just a few blogs ago I was congratulating myself for being so consistent? Ha! That was the kiss of death for sure.

Well, it's been an interesting week. I learned a lesson this week. One that you all should learn from my experience and not try on your own.

"Do not move the A Frame 25 feet without help." Yes, I am an idiot.

The result will be a couple visits to the Doctor. A lot of whining. Sleepless nights. Missed Dog shows, and no motivation to write a Blog. One also will learn that Vicodin is our friend when used in moderation, however, ALWAYS take with food, no exceptions, or the whining will increase.

I did go to class on Tues and Thurs and Tazz performed well.

Did not go to the dog show Friday, but Kel took me on Sat and Tazz Q'd in both Open Standard and Excellent Jumpers!

Laura was going to drive on Sunday, but I had a difficult Saturday night and felt it was better to stay home. Poor Laura had to go by herself, but I'm sure she was spectacular! Her dog Wynn won both Standard and Jumpers in Excellent B on Saturday. Haven't heard yet what she did today.

Here is Laura's standard run with Wynn. Watch that weave entrance after the first two jumps. I don't think she learned that from Greg Derritt! Maybe this is part of the new Laura Pryse Handling system!

I am better, although there are no gymnastics in my immediate future. I will live to blog another day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Agile Minds and Organization

So, ok, well, alright. I'll admit it. I'm a little bit unorganized. We've had blogs about my office, but not only do I clutter, I also don't finish things I start.

I'm trying to do better....and oh it does a body good. So this weekend I decided I was going to groom all the pups and get "something" organized. I didn't realize what I would organize wouldn't be mine.
So this is a picture of my husbands new closet (no before pic as we are just too embarrassed to even take a picture. I still need to add the doors. No I am the first to admit that I did NOT do this by myself. I asked Kel to go through his stuff and he was in charge of taking most of the stuff out, removing all the old hardware, filling in the holes, and painting. My part was to build the organizer, install it in the clean closet, install the hardware, and then since he was playing ball with my dogs, I put his clothes back (most of them anyway).

In addition to the closet, all the pups got makeovers. Rocky and Mads were in the worst shape. Never, and I mean NEVER let a sheltie go without brushing. Truth is I went on a 3 week trip and came home and got sick. I did not mean to let it go this far, but gosh all mighty their coats needed work. Rocky was on Friday and I spent over 6 hours brushing, bathing, trimming, brushing, brushing, brushing. Saturday I did Tazz and Fin (much easier) and bathed Maddie. Sunday in between breaks in the closet adventure, I brushed Maddie. Maddie loves to be on the grooming table and loves to get cookies, but doesn't like getting brushed. So maddie got to eat frozen dog food and I brushed her, then needed her faced washed. The entire time I brushed Maddie, Fin kept jumping up onto the grooming table cause she wanted to get groomed and get the goodies. Poor Maddie.

Still got some trim work on Mads, but they are all looking mighty good.

Today, I have a sore back. Hmmm. I wonder why.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Well we are coming up on a year!

I can't believe how far I've come. I have actually stuck with something (writing in this blog). There are many memorable blogs, but I think my favorite is also one of the first. "Garbage day -" Have I learned anything since that post? hmmm yep. Does Mads still bark every Thurs? Yep.
I also brought Fin home a little over a year ago. She arrived at the house on July 13 2007.

Such a sweet little bundle coming home from Florida flying under my seat and not making a peep (that has changed...the peeping I mean). My girls are definitely the talkers and Fin once going is very difficult to stop. Now at 14 months she is speed and energy, my little joy on springs.

Tazz wasn't doing his teeter a year ago, now he does them with gusto. He also went through a table faze, now is better and seems to enjoy it more.

Kel didn't have a job a year ago and now he works 5 minutes from home and enjoys his time there.

I worked on a project for HP a year ago...oh yeah, I'm still there.

Broke my toe a little less than a year broken toes now!

Weighed about 15 pounds more a year ago...good to see improvement

Lots of memories. I am very happy to have started this blog.

Fitness for Agility - Week 3

A day late, but no wiser!

Well if soreness equates fiteness, I'm there! My ab muscels are speaking to me baby! They are saying, "We've lived 49 years secretly surrounded by fat. Why'd you want to change things? We like it here nice and snug. Now you asking us to work! What's with that? We be sore today!"

I seriously have never had a conversation with my abs. Despite the soreness, I'm sorta digging it.

We have stepped up the physical part of the weightloss efforts and I believe that will pay off big time on the agility field. Food. Well. Hmmm....I did write down most of the stuff I put in my mouth.

Today is a new day and for the next 7 days I will write, write, write. :)