Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekly Fitness Report!

Well I missed last week, but I'm back at it this week. The back is better, my attitude is better, my eatting is better.

I officially ate everything in the house last week. The only blessing in an otherwise backwards eatting marathon was that I couldn't drive for fast food so I ate healthy things in quantity.

I did find that I LOVE one serving pizzas. If planned correctly into your day, the celest single serving (450 calaries) is pretty darn yummy. You can cook it in the oven and add veggies to it to make it even better. I had it with a salad and felt totally filled to the brim.
Weight watchers and Lean Cuisine have good ones too, but if you feel like you really need a slice of heaven, I highly recommend Celeste. I truly felt like I was eatting a slice of regular pizza!
Ok the bad news, exercise has been sporatic at best. Just haven't been myself and so I am swimming and walking, but no weights at all (maybe next week). I have lost weight so that is good. I'm down 1 pound in two weeks. Not bad for the mood I've been in.
Next week should be a good week as I'm feeling better and doing more. The apples are ripening and so I'll be eatting lots of those.
We are about a week away from two weeks of dog shows. Can't wait! It will be way fun!


Trish said...

but is the back... ummm.. back?

see you on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

you should try Papa Murphy's Take and Bake - Delight - very thin crust and crunchy and yum - low carb - add your own toppings!