Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Fitness Report!

As you might imagine, movement has been a challenge this week. However, I'm happy to say, "I'm Baaaaaack!" My back feels great and my "boo boos" from my fall are healing well.

What I noticed is that running agility last night was harder than it was before my little slow down. I was out of breath more and it was almost like it was before I lost some weight and was working out regularly. I did loose a half pound this week, so it is totally associated with the "activity." It is actually a little exciting to find this out. So lot's more activity this week should get me back where I was before this little hitch in the road.

Realistically I know that I won't be 100% for this weekends shows, but I think by the regionals next week, I'll be back where I was.

I'm going back to fitness training next week and my goal is to work out everyday (not to overdo it, but get in the gym and have fun). Tazzie also has to work out, so we'll dolots of swim days and nice long walks. I'm sure this will help with my personal attitute as well.

Busy weekend with the SMART trial. I'm only the RV Czar so it isn't so bad. Once I get everyone settled, there is no work except to clean up the reserved signs. Tazz and I are focused on getting some standard Q's. A gamble would be good too, but we'll need a really easy gamble or devine intervention for a gamble Q.

Fins training is coming along...I'll have video soon...just been a real busy week.

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Trish said...

Nice to have you back in the land of the bi-peds. Now let's keep it that way... okies?