Monday, August 18, 2008

Put your right foot in, take your right foot out....

It has been eventful and not eventful all at the same time.

Friday morning, minding my own business (or not paying attention, one or the other), I fell over a stake in the backyard (I had put this stake in the ground mind you). The result is a bruised ego and a realization that my body doesn't bounce like it used to.

No worries, the pups were there to help.

Fin barks, "Mommy Mommy, wheeeeeee, look at me" and she bounces off my back using it like a trampoline.
Rocky, after droping the ball near my head, "throw the ball, throw the ball"
Maddie, "Squirrel, Squirrel...I'll kill the squirrel"
Tazz, "My Mommy! Get away! My ball! My dirt. Hey that's mine!"
Vici, "Fin go get help!"
Fin runs away, does a couple zoomies around the yard before running into Kel who is wondering what the racket is in the back.
Fin barks at Kel, "Mommy fell in the well" "arf arf".
Kel responded, "Fin we don't have a well"
Fin frustrated says, "Mommy's in the WELL!" arf arf. Then she did a couple zoomies and Kel noticed me behind a bush in the dirt and came to my rescue.

I did some training this weekend, but not enough.

I spent Sunday putting together a computer and getting my mom started on using it. I'm sure she'll figure out all the new stuff soon. Unfortunately something is wrong with the sound and when she plays my videos, I sound like a chipmunk. She didn't want me to fix it as she says it is so cute. I couldn't figure it out so if anyone out there knows why the sound card would make me sound like a chipmunk, I'd appreciate your help.

In the meantime, food intake is good. Exercise has been limited to walking and I'm officially done with being sore.

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Trish said...

CAUSE.... you really sound like a chipmunk?

OK for those of you reading this I've seen the bruises.. Vici looks like some smacked her iwth a 2x4 accross the knees. If you reading this and your going to smart this weekend. Check them out. I see butterflies in her bruises. Awfull cool!