Monday, August 25, 2008

A good weekend

Another day another trial :)

Salinas Monterey Agility Racing team (SMART) is an agility club I'm active in. We put on two trials every year in Prunedale, California. This year, the fog rolled in and we had some nice cool weather for the two days (it did get hot and sunny midday, but GREAT agility weather for sure).

There was alot of work. I'm the RV Czar for the August trial. It is a great gig. People tell you they want to camp. You get their $$, give it to the SMART treasurer, make a map of where everyone should go, and then make sure they are happy with their spots. This job is all in the prep work and making sure everyone knows where to go. By the time the trial starts, you don't have much responsibilities. Sure I did the basics of pole setting, shoot straightening, leash running, trash cleaning, but all in all I was pretty relaxed.

Saturday wasn't a "Q" day, but all of our runs were fun. Laura had a number of runs that were wonderful and Tazzie really seemed happy all day. I think our gamble was the most exciting. Going into the gamble Tazz had enough points and all he needed was to do jump, A, Tunnel, then take a jump way far away. I didn't think we had a chance in heck of getting it so I just thought I'd work on my contacts and such. When the buzzer went off for the gamble, we were in a good spot and we went running towards the jump a-frame combo, I had to stay about 15 feet away from him, but he took the A frame with no prob. Coming down the other side he touched yellow! I couldn't believe it, then I sent him to the tunnel and he went in! "the crowd was going wild!" Out of the tunnel, he came right to me and took the wrong jump. I could have cared less! He was such a good dog and got all the hard stuff!

Sunday we had high hopes for a good day. Tazz was 6th dog in the ring for Perf National Standard. It was over before I could believe and we "Q'd!" We did everything just fine, I was off the line for the weaves, but he made up time by doing the weaves a little faster than normal. Whew! very exciting!

Tazz PNS - Yippiee!

Tazzies and my favorite event is snooker. I always hope for a "super Q" (being in the top 15% of the jump class), but given our speed, I work on making a nice course for Tazz that allows him to get some speed without jerking him off obstacles. Since this was a pretty good size trial, I decided to go for a good course rather than trying to get all the points. Although the start wasn't exactly what I had walked, we did good and got through the sixth obstacle in the closing. I new I q'd, but never did I dream I would super Q. But we did! Yippiee! Horah! Zowza!

Super Q! Whoo Hoo

So Tazzie got to come home and swim in the pool and Kel couldn't complain about dog hair. Tazzie did his job and made his mom love agility all the more!

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Trish said...

the important question is... was someone able to get the lunch truck to show up?