Friday, August 1, 2008

Well we are coming up on a year!

I can't believe how far I've come. I have actually stuck with something (writing in this blog). There are many memorable blogs, but I think my favorite is also one of the first. "Garbage day -" Have I learned anything since that post? hmmm yep. Does Mads still bark every Thurs? Yep.
I also brought Fin home a little over a year ago. She arrived at the house on July 13 2007.

Such a sweet little bundle coming home from Florida flying under my seat and not making a peep (that has changed...the peeping I mean). My girls are definitely the talkers and Fin once going is very difficult to stop. Now at 14 months she is speed and energy, my little joy on springs.

Tazz wasn't doing his teeter a year ago, now he does them with gusto. He also went through a table faze, now is better and seems to enjoy it more.

Kel didn't have a job a year ago and now he works 5 minutes from home and enjoys his time there.

I worked on a project for HP a year ago...oh yeah, I'm still there.

Broke my toe a little less than a year broken toes now!

Weighed about 15 pounds more a year ago...good to see improvement

Lots of memories. I am very happy to have started this blog.

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Trish said...

mmmm. She was sooo cute back then.... Before she could verticle jump 7 feet in the air to say hello!