Friday, July 25, 2014

The Flying Pimentos - Photos for those of you not on FaceBook

Eclipse in the tunnel.

More Eclipse in the tunnel.

Eclipse standing.

Olive playing with her puppies.


Olive teaching the fine art of squeaker killing.

More secrets.



Trying new things.

My name is Pimento. Arrrrr!

Olive hiding.

Olive is so freak'n nice to the puppies.  It is really endearing.

Sweetpea, you are very special!

Sweetpea and Whiskey.

Pimento tugging.

More Pimento tugging.


The ball is mine!!!

More wrestling.

Mama Olive, you are very patient.





Out door play area.

Piglet tugging.


Whiskey. You are too sweet.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flying Pimentos - 4 weeks old

The puppies are growing too fast.  Where are the sweet blobs that were here just two weeks ago.  I loved that stage.  Olive took care of hygiene and nutrition and all I had to do was watch puppies, play with puppies, and weigh puppies.  The amount of work has escalated. Poop and pee are my duties as well as providing meals 5 times a day.  Puppies don't appreciate all the hard work I put into their meals and tentatively taste the food, play in the food, and then mostly lick it.  All in all I am loving raising this litter.  I am so very happy to have taken this time to watch the puppies grow.

Olive loves the puppies and is a good mama.  It is a shame this is her only litter.  But there are many Jack Russell's out there making beautiful babies.  Olives future is less mama and more "oh boy, look at her go!"

A very curious girl.  Small but mighty.  She will gladly wrestle with any of the other pups.  Easy and outgoing.  Loves to play.  Will tug with almost anything including the bedding and your cloths. Pimento really likes people and will run across the room to see me.  Once she finds me, will sit on my foot or between my feet and rest for a while before venturing elsewhere.  There are no boundary's to Pimento.  She loves to find new toys and make noise.  The crinkle tunnel is one of her favorites.  New experiences are easy for her.

Sweetpea (aka Mystic)
Sweetpea had to have a name change because she has become the sweetest girl.  Loves to be held just before falling asleep.  Will speak her mind if she isn't happy.  A beautiful girl with a bit of pizzazz.  She plays rough and boy does Whiskey love it. She is tenacious when she wants something.  With that sweet face of hers, she is one of the popular pups with visitors.

Big, bad, and beautiful, our Whiskey is a good boy.  He has a boldness about him that also contains some caution.  Not the first to explore but soon follows the girls.  Once he deems the new thing safe, he is very much a happy puppy that loves to zoom around and wrestle with his sisters.  His favorite wrestle parters are Sweetpea and Pimento.  He likes his human and will often walk around until he finds my feet and just sit there for a while.  He is beautiful and sweet.

Sweetness with attitude.  Eclipse likes her naps, but once she is awake, watch out world.  Our littlest puppy with beautiful copper markings on her head.  She is bold and quick.  Loves to find a wrestling match and worm in to get her time with the other pups.  Her favorite wrestling partner is Piglet and Pimento.

This is one sweet girl.  She never misses an opportunity for a meal.  Our Piglet cuddles, snuggles, kisses, and just plain loves to be held.  She will wrestle, but looks for Pimento and Eclipse.  Whiskey and Sweetpea are a bit to rough for the fun loving girl.  A true beauty, she melts my heart when she stares at me. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


July 20 is my sisters birthday.  So what better way to celebrate than to hang out with a bunch of puppies.  Happy Birthday Peg!
We had expert Puppy socializers and thankfully now, all the puppies are exhausted.  That should last another 20 minutes or so.