Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Day of Firsts

First meal.  I mixed a meal of puppy food, pork, and goats milk.  Looked pretty nasty, but all the dogs seemed to want it.  I got Olives dinner and put her in the big crate first, then put the food for puppies out and took them out of their pen to come and eat.  They were all pretty sleepy, but we waited to see what would happen.  Pretty much a calm relaxed group of puppies acting like they'd eaten food for weeks.  No fighting for spots.  No flopping in the food.  Just well behaved puppies lapping up yummy liquid that grandma put down.  Here is a boring video for your enjoyment.

After eating, Piglet flopped over and went into a food coma, but everyone else had a grand old time playing.
Eclipse doing his stand.

Eclipse, "Food glorious food..."

"mmm mm hm mmm mmm"  Sweetpea and Piglet

Love you.

Piglet falling into a food coma.  Isn't she pretty.

Piglet and Eclipse.  Buddies forever.

Pimento with sleepy pups in the background.


Sleep pups had a top secret visitor today.  Maybe one of these pups met their new daddy.

Sweetpea (aka - Mystic)

"What, my name is now Sweetpea?  I'm too little to get used to a new name...what was my name before?"

Sweetpea...the name really suits her.

Whiskey, my little man.

Whiskey, your mama is watching.



Piglet is telling Whiskey a secret.

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