Monday, September 16, 2013


I like to focus on the positive and many good things there were.  Fin Q'd in three things:
  • Gamble
  • Gamble
  • Grand Prix
And in each she got first.  Loads of top 10 points for Gamble and a bye for the upcoming Regional in April for Grand Prix.  Her perfect weaves failed us for Steeple (a beautiful run with a pop at 11 and jumped the last jump before I could redo the weaves).

Heat was a factor.  It was high 90's and possible 100 on Friday.  Stomach issues plagued me.  And lastly the courses were incredibly challenging.

I loved the challenge and honestly, Fin really ran well.  Just a couple mistakes kept us out of the Q's.  No worries always stuff to work on.

Ran Olive. What a ride.  First day was a bust.  It was 100 degrees, I hosed her down (she does not like this) but I really thought I had her attention when I walked to the line.  But no.  She was not really into it.  A bit of distraction by a dragon fly and some smelling grass resulted in only a couple jumps and a tunnel and then me running to the finish line hoping Olive would come (which she did).  Sat was awesome with a very nice jumpers run.  Sunday was very nice with all contacts completed.  A good first try.

Here is the highlight reel.

Overall, I think I'm done with Woodland in September.  Just too hot.  I did enjoy myself and perhaps next September, I'll forget how hot it was and go again.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What? How did this happen?

Today the agility blogosphere is writing on aging.  Read more blogs on this topic here:  Dog Agility Blog Events

A couple weekends ago, I walked into town and strolled along the shops with my little dog in tow.  As I passed by a window, I glimpsed my grandmother staring back at me.  Why she keeps following me I'm not sure, but there she is, out of the corner of my eye in the storefront.  When I look again, I realize it is just me.  Oh crap.

So what's changed with me (because it is all about me!)?
  • I love dogs - I still love dogs
  • I love doing fun things with my dogs - I still love doing fun things with my dogs but now I have the resources to do many more things
  • I often act like a kid going to Disneyland - but I have the money to go when I want
  • I want to be the kid that knows the answer - now I have the knowledge and resources but don't care anymore
  • I want to be popular - now I have the wisdom to pick the right people and have less interest in what others think of me
  • I want to be the superstar champion - now I know that being the superstar champion isn't all it is cracked up to be and just plugging away at something gives me more in returns than that the fleeting stardom I so wanted
  • I want that new shiny thing - Yeeha...I can get the new shiny thing anytime I want...funny, now I want less
  • I get carded all the time - no one cards me anymore.  They ask if they can help carry my bags
  • I go to parties and drink till I'm giggling and falling asleep in my bean bag chair on the front lawn of my college apartment...ahhhh those were the days, now I don't drink much and look forward to sleeping in my comfortable bed with my down comforter.
  • I know everything and those old folks are holding me back! - now I'm old and the younger generation thinks they know everything and I don't know jack.  In a way I feel like I know less than I did when I was in my 20's and 30's because the more I know, the less I know.  I now laugh at the young ones because they haven't figured out how much they don't know yet.  Once those youngsters do figure it out, they'll be old too.  HA!  I totally tell my mom she is the smartest person I
Summary: Time, it marches on. I'm still the young kid, but with wisdom comes a sense of self that enables me to be happier and appreciate the things I have.  However, my body is NOT what it once was and I need to take better care of it.  Honestly, I know I look different, I just don't feel much different emotionally. 

  • For agility, keep your dogs happy and healthy. Love every minute you have with them, their time with us is very short and we will live long and look back and regret that we didn't enjoy those moments more.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  If your dog goes off course, laugh.  No win is more important than letting your dog know that they are the most important thing in the world and that agility is just something we do for fun. 
  • For Life, laugh more, and laugh again.  Be curious and focus on goals but not at the expense of fun.  Eat better, exercise more.
That's all on aging.  I'm going for a walk now...I'm getting older sitting here writing this.