Monday, September 16, 2013


I like to focus on the positive and many good things there were.  Fin Q'd in three things:
  • Gamble
  • Gamble
  • Grand Prix
And in each she got first.  Loads of top 10 points for Gamble and a bye for the upcoming Regional in April for Grand Prix.  Her perfect weaves failed us for Steeple (a beautiful run with a pop at 11 and jumped the last jump before I could redo the weaves).

Heat was a factor.  It was high 90's and possible 100 on Friday.  Stomach issues plagued me.  And lastly the courses were incredibly challenging.

I loved the challenge and honestly, Fin really ran well.  Just a couple mistakes kept us out of the Q's.  No worries always stuff to work on.

Ran Olive. What a ride.  First day was a bust.  It was 100 degrees, I hosed her down (she does not like this) but I really thought I had her attention when I walked to the line.  But no.  She was not really into it.  A bit of distraction by a dragon fly and some smelling grass resulted in only a couple jumps and a tunnel and then me running to the finish line hoping Olive would come (which she did).  Sat was awesome with a very nice jumpers run.  Sunday was very nice with all contacts completed.  A good first try.

Here is the highlight reel.

Overall, I think I'm done with Woodland in September.  Just too hot.  I did enjoy myself and perhaps next September, I'll forget how hot it was and go again.


Diana said...

I dont think I could run outside and 100 degrees. wow!! Olive got better and better. Well done!! I love the last shot, to funny.

corbinwooten said...

Wow--she got better and better as the video went on :) Great job! And how fun to be starting at the beginning and growing as a team.

And I'm with Diana, love the shot at the end!

Elf said...

Yeah, not fond of the heat in Woodland at any time. I did one day this year and it was plenty hot enough. Scratched my last run fairly early in the day, knowing that I wasn't going to be comfortable if I stayed. Congrats on being able to stick to it through it and on Fin's wins.