Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FaceBook is Killing My Blog

There it is.  I post on Facebook because it is easy and fast and I've been super busy (and sick) since I got back from Tennessee.  Another problem is I've been waiting for those fabulous photos so I could write a complete summary of my USDAA Nationals experience.  Finally got the Videos, but the photos have yet to arrive.  So the entire summary will wait and this will have to do to wet your whistle.  A complete summary of the trip is forth coming...I promise.
Olive stayed at home with a friend for my week in Murfreesboro.  It was really tough packing and super tough giving her to Jeanine to keep for the week.  But it was best and I was super busy getting away for the trip.   When I got home, she and I were so happy to see each other.  She had loads of stories that involved cats and kittens and skeletons.  She had a super week!  Thank you Jeanine.

I made these super stickers for the Airline crates for all three dogs.  I wanted the airline workers to know that we love our dogs and hope they are well taken care of.  All the dogs survived the fight and Fin was voted most excellent traveler.

Had a fun time at a super venue.   Really glad it didn't rain though.  First day there was a little drizzle.  Dogs and people were red with the dirt.  Once that drizzle cleared everything dried up and we were free of the red dirt.

There was much to celebrate with Fin getting into both Semi's (had to work to get into Steeplechase).  And doing well despite the stress.  Laura made it into all THREE finals with Fireball on team and Stat in Steeple and GP. 

For me Flying to Tennessee and not only surviving, but thriving on the trip, has opened new possibilities.  I'll be posting some of the videos soon.  But suffice to say, my trip was awesome.


Diana said...

Yea , that's happening with me too on Facebook. So mostly just using my blog as a journal for myself to keep track of agility trials. I'm glad you had a great trip. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Kathy said...

Yippie, glad the trip was great, but yep Facebook makes it hard because where do you post? Do you post on yor blog, then it seems silly to paste on Facebook, and vice versa....life can be so rough!