Friday, September 14, 2018

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Some things change and some things remain the same.

Lots has happened in the past two years.  Life has changed considerably.  My last post, "I deserve this hill!" was one I try to remember every day.  I still struggle with the fight against my emotions and eating and once again I find myself on the journey to live a life I want to live and not the life that food has created for me.

I am working on a low carb diet.  Toying with Keto.  Trying to balance my veggies/fruits with some protein.  Loving that I can eat as much avocado as I want, but really missing the "crunch".  Getting back into exercising and want to start hiking again.

Loss and sadness have a way to get you off course and I believe that is what happened in 2016.  I still miss that existence of feeling powerful after fighting cancer and hopeful for the future of my life.  But circumstance change and the only thing I can control is how I respond to those circumstances.  Today I'm taking a stand and working towards that healthier life I crave.

I've been 27 days free of sugar.  No added sugar to my diet.  21 days free of eating bread, rice, or potato.  No tortilla chips (I miss them), potato chips, or crackers.  In a way it's been easy.  Just say no.  In a way it's been hard.  It's a slippery slope out there and I'm trying to stay above the slope line.

Getting back to working on the treadmill and continue to walk the pups.  Ahh...changes there too.  Olive is living in Canada.  She just didn't respond well to the changes (me moving and going to a job 12 hours a day).  She simply wasn't happy and I couldn't have that.  I miss her every day but I can't thank her new mom enough for taking on my white angel of death and giving her the chance to have a life she wants.  Believe me when I say she is enjoying Canada and her life up there. 

I lost Tazz last Christmas to bladder cancer.  Fin and I were pretty lonely... but surprize,  we have Joy in our little family.  I needed some Joy in my life and she is a spark of sunshine every day.  She is learning her agilities and is a delight.

I'll be checking in here to discuss my progress, but so far so good.  Looking forward to a great end to 2018 and a undeniably awesome 2019.