Monday, June 30, 2008

15 days of memories

Kel and I had an unexpected layover in Boston. Here we are showing our feet on the freedom trail. We got to see alot of Boston in our short time there.
Getting to London was very nice. We got together with our Friends Julie and Nick. We also met up with Peg and Richard in London.
Richard showing off the latest in London head wear.
At Hampton Court we toured the Royal Kitchens. I got to stir the pot.
We visited the Tower of London and walked around with these silly headsets. We learned alot, but never talked to each other. It is a strange experience, sorta like you are alone together. We soon got rid of the headsets and just enjoyed walking around together.
We sadly said goodbye to Nick and Julie and headed to Harwick to pick up the cruise ship. Kel and I had a lovely stateroom with a great balcony. I really enjoyed the balcony.
We were supposed to go to Le Harve, but there was a strike. So instead we went somewhere else in France. I can't remember the name of the town, but we had a great time.
Our second destination was supposed to be Plymouth, UK, but the weather prevented us from going there (rough seas). The next town was Cork Ireland and it is breathtaking to enter via the sea.

We found a great place to have coffee in Cork. It was a huge market with all kinds of meats, poultry, and fish. It was fun to see this market and how different it is from our safeway.

Every day I worked out in the Gym on board. Here Peg is working hard and I am contemplating the step exercise.
We left Cork and headed to Dublin. We found this cute pup in the window and I couldn't resist taking it's picture.

We had three dress up nights. Here is Kel and I in our Sunday best. I look a little typsie. It is possible as they have these very nice individuals who constantly bring you these lovely little drinks.

We left Ireland and Scottland and headed to Norway. The days were very long and our favorite port was Flam. Just amazingly beautiful!

On our hike in Flam we were joined by a herd of goats. One of them walked with my sister and I for a couple miles.
Here is Peg and Rich in front of one of the many waterfalls.

After Flam we headed to Alesund. We had such a fun time here visiting the aquarium and an outside museum. Here is Kel getting friendly with the locals.

At the outdoor museum they had many viking ships. I can not imagine being a viking. I would have been thrown overboard due to sea sickness! The ships are so small but deep. I would never be able to sit on the board and touch the bottom of the boat. Viking life is not for me.
We also visited Bergan and then headed home. On the way we encounter a shark. Fortunately I was able to save Kel and he was uninjured in the encounter.
Here is our last sunset leaving Norway. The sun set so late here and the sky never really got dark. So different from here.
Once back in the UK, Kel and I had a day in standsted before heading home. We visited a medival castle. It was fun...but...

Kel ended up in the stocks for some strange reason. He eventually made bail and we were allowed to leave the country to come home! We never figured out what he did wrong, but I enjoyed throwing rotten food at him :)

Well, that's the trip in a nutshell. I will upload more pictures to Snapfish later in the week, but for those of you that want the edited version, this is for you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walk a mile in my shoes

Flam (god only knows what day it is...I think Monday).

Flam was a first stop in Norway. It is undescribable how beautiful. I can only say that Kel must have taken at least 1000 pictures just today.

This stop was the only organized activity that we participated in. The activity was to take a train trip up the Fiord valley, get off the train, hike for 7 miles, get back on the train and go back to the ship. The first part went really well. We had a great train ride and walking back was amazing. Waterfalls everywhere, dropping off cliffs into rushing rivers, just a truly enjoyable walk. We were a little tired, but felt that the walk was wonderful.

At the train stop, in line for the ladies, Peggy says, I'm walking back (another 11 K). I told her she was crazy, but after a brief stop, her and Rich left for home. Kel and I hung around waiting for the train. Then the news came, a rock slide has delayed the train. No one knows how long. Everyone is cranky and people are complaining. Finally about 45 minutes after Peg left and with no end to the wait insight, Kel and I decide to leave the cranky people and just head on down the valley ourselves. Off we went on our 7 mile hike.

The first 4 weren't so bad. As a matter of fact the scenery was amazing. The last 3 were unbearable. I try to hitch a ride with the few cars that came down the hill. I kept trucking, but this body I'm in is not in shape to walk 14 miles and I don't know what I was thinking.

When we FINALLY saw the ship, I had kel take a picture because for me it was pure joy!

Today it is 2 days later and I'm still sore. I'm really proud to have done it, but wondering if given the choice I'd do it again.

We do have wonderful pictures as Kel kept taking even when he was tired.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rocking N Rolling!

Here is a brief synopsis (all I have time for):

Fri June 13: Arrive London 9am, cab to hotel, nap, dress, loose wallet, go crazy, spent 4 hours trying to find it, give up, cancel all cards, tell ourselves we'll survive, meet up with Julie and Peg, wonderful dinner, sleep finally.
Sat June 14: Rondevue at Waterloo, train to Hampton Court, all day in enjoying the company of friends, dinner back in London (yummy), show: We Will Rock You! sleep again
Sun June 16: London Eye! Boat trip up the Thames, The Tower, another boat trip, walking around London, Bush is here, London is not happy, pretend we are canadians, lovely dinner of Tapas, stop at a pub for drinks in Covant Gardens, Sleep.
Monday June 17, Breakfast and walk with Julie, Kiss Kiss, bye, bye, off to the ship. Arrive at the ship and work out, meet for dinner, watch a show, beautiful sleep.
Tues June 18, Someplace in France, walked to town, walked around, enjoyed a "cola lite" and coffees in town. Had a lovely time.
Wed June 19: we are supposed to be ankoring at Plymouth and taking small boats to town. Seas are too rough and the port is canceled. No worries, I go back to sleep and Kel DRAGS me outta bed around 10:30 and we go work out. Spend the day lazy around the ship...what a wonderful day.
THurs: Cork Ireland (at this point the only reason I know what day it is, is due to the fact they change the names of the days in the elevators every day. Shuttle to Cork. Lovely town. Power walked to see everything. Shuttle home. Vici is Last person on ship. They were removing the gang planks when we get back (more on this later). Still had a fun time...10 people missed the ship, but we made it! :)
Fri: Dublin: LOVELY city. Definately going back. Got a present for my sister here. too short of time
Sat: Scottland: Shuttle to Glasglow. Walked around. Cathedral and shopping. Back to the ship and walked around the port town. People are WONDERFUL here. I really like Scottland. Stayed up late dancing. Kel made the finals of the karioki contest. He sang New York new york. He did really well and was funny! So cute.
Sunday: Today. time change AGAIN! Got up early (everyone else is sleeping) and worked out. I've been doing personal training while on the ship. I really like the gal but she worked me hard.

Miss you all. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Big Bonus or "Who needs sleep!"

We arrived promptly in Boston at 7:45am. We walked over to our gate and found out our flight was delayed until 6:45pm. As I write this, we should be crawling into bed in our little b&b in London, but no, we are still in Boston.

Not ones to rest on our laurals, Kel and I left our carry on's at the airport and took the subway into London. We got lost, took a duck tour, walked the freedom trail, ate a wonderful lunch, and then found our way back to the airport.

We are thrilled we got to spend 7 hours in Boston. It is a fun place and we'll definately come back. We found the people to be charming and this is a truly multicultural place.

We are looking forward to some sleep, though. Tomorrow it is London and meeting up with Peg at the Natural History Museum and then on to dinner with Julie. Fun times.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Away We Go

We leave tomorrow. Yikes. London for a few days visiting with my friend Julie Smith and Nick and also meet up with my sister Peg and her husband! We'll see the Tower, London Eye, We will Rock You, Natural History Museum and anything else that strikes our fancy. I wanted to go see agility, but I was over ruled by EVERYONE!

Then we sadly say goodbye to Julie and we are off to France. We won't actually go to Paris, but we'll be in Normandy. So much fun.

Plymouth is our next port we visit. Looks like we may do some shopping and enjoy walking.

Then off to Cork. Lots to see and do and we hope to see it all.

Dublin comes next. I think we'll get our fill of the Irish. I'm sure I'll blend right in.

Off to Glasgow. I'll be looking out for a border collie for Laura here. I hear the ship has a poop deck. I plan to take advantage!

A day at sea, then we are in Norway. Looks mighty beautiful!

Then Bergen and Flam

We have one last day in the UK. We aren't sure what we are going to do. Kel wanted to go to Wimbleton, but I think it is too far from where we'll be. But we never know, we might just make it.

I hope to post a few times while I'm away, but internet could be difficult.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dancing dogs

I'm teaching the dogs to dance. I think it is going well.

Don't send a lame eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Agility Video You Must Watch!

This is the definitive agility video for the serious dog trainer.

You'll thank me for this inspirational look at foundation, handling, weaves, and contacts.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No words needed...

Surfing Continued

Some progress was made today. I can see this weekend she'll be surfing all over the pool.

I missplaced my clicker...

....yes, yes, I have about 50 of them, so why couldn't I find any of them yesterday...I don't know. what. These people lost a lighthouse!

This has got to make all of us who constantly loose things feel ALOT better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Surfing and Strength Training for Agility

Fin is learning to surf. Working on a float in the water is exceptional for balance and strength (sorta like balance ball work). I've spent a few weeks just getting her comfortable with being wet (jumping in the first step of the pool). At first she really didn't have alot of confidence, but now she is in the pool all the time. I figured it was time to start getting her enjoying surfing.

First step is to just get on the float. So I worked with the clicker so she knew what I wanted was the mat.

Then I worked her with the mat half way in. The funny part is the cookies kept going into the pool and floating. She wasn't amused.

Once she feels comfortable with the mat halfway in, I'll ask her to jump onto the mat (video to come later).

We also did some basic targeting today.

Fin is so much fun :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Agility Overload

Here are some runs from the weekend:


Grand Prix

Kel has a stalker, Tazz n agility, and it is 9 days before our trip

This weekend while I was running around an agility course, Kel was watching TV. Engrosed in some sports program (I'm sure) he was frustrated when Maddie and Rocky were barking up a storm at the front door. He yelled at them to "shutup!" but the barking continuied so he picked himself up off the couch to see what all the noise was about.

When he went to the front, what he saw astonished him. Standing looking in at the dogs (who at this point are throwing themselves at the window, spinning, and barking) is a male peacock in full regelia. Obviously he mistook our beautiful Maddie for a pea hen. Kel in his infinate wisdom ran outside with the camera and took pictures as he knew I wouldn't believe it unless he had proof. I would have accepted Peacock poop, but he said the pictures were more definative.

This is our lovely green front door. Maddie and Rocky can usually be found on either side of the door at the windows ready and waiting to bark at something.

We had a fun 3 days in Turlock.

First before anything else, I must report on our Sat evening meal. It was OUTSTANDING! We started out with a "Tapa" of sea scallops topped with a type of mango salsa. It was wonderful. I ordered a salad and a beef tapa and laura ordered the halibit. each item brought a little something different to our pallets. After a long day of agility, it was wonderful to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal.

The agility was also good. Tazz was a good boy and kept his good attitude the entire weekend. We had 2runs on Friday, 5 runs Sat, and 5 runs sunday. Laura tripled that with her three dogs. It was a very active weekend as if we weren't running, volunteering, or watching, we were exercising our dogs that weren't running. Fin got to play with other pups, run and chase balls, learn to hang with mom (walking to and from the chuck-it field), and basically have fun being a pup.

Laura did really well, she won Grand Prix and Master Jumpers on Saturday and her team with Brazen won the team event.

Tazz got 2nd in Snooker, Q'd in Master jumps, had some really good runs all weekend, and his team "Wreaking Havoc" came in 9th place (not bad when after round one of team we were in last place!). I'll post some of the runs later in the week.

As I sit here, I am amazed that June 11 is right around the corner! I have a busy week ahead and don't know how I'm going to get everything done...but done it will get as the plane will not wait if we are late. I am really looking forward to seeing my friend Julie and spending 16 days with my husband.