Monday, June 30, 2008

15 days of memories

Kel and I had an unexpected layover in Boston. Here we are showing our feet on the freedom trail. We got to see alot of Boston in our short time there.
Getting to London was very nice. We got together with our Friends Julie and Nick. We also met up with Peg and Richard in London.
Richard showing off the latest in London head wear.
At Hampton Court we toured the Royal Kitchens. I got to stir the pot.
We visited the Tower of London and walked around with these silly headsets. We learned alot, but never talked to each other. It is a strange experience, sorta like you are alone together. We soon got rid of the headsets and just enjoyed walking around together.
We sadly said goodbye to Nick and Julie and headed to Harwick to pick up the cruise ship. Kel and I had a lovely stateroom with a great balcony. I really enjoyed the balcony.
We were supposed to go to Le Harve, but there was a strike. So instead we went somewhere else in France. I can't remember the name of the town, but we had a great time.
Our second destination was supposed to be Plymouth, UK, but the weather prevented us from going there (rough seas). The next town was Cork Ireland and it is breathtaking to enter via the sea.

We found a great place to have coffee in Cork. It was a huge market with all kinds of meats, poultry, and fish. It was fun to see this market and how different it is from our safeway.

Every day I worked out in the Gym on board. Here Peg is working hard and I am contemplating the step exercise.
We left Cork and headed to Dublin. We found this cute pup in the window and I couldn't resist taking it's picture.

We had three dress up nights. Here is Kel and I in our Sunday best. I look a little typsie. It is possible as they have these very nice individuals who constantly bring you these lovely little drinks.

We left Ireland and Scottland and headed to Norway. The days were very long and our favorite port was Flam. Just amazingly beautiful!

On our hike in Flam we were joined by a herd of goats. One of them walked with my sister and I for a couple miles.
Here is Peg and Rich in front of one of the many waterfalls.

After Flam we headed to Alesund. We had such a fun time here visiting the aquarium and an outside museum. Here is Kel getting friendly with the locals.

At the outdoor museum they had many viking ships. I can not imagine being a viking. I would have been thrown overboard due to sea sickness! The ships are so small but deep. I would never be able to sit on the board and touch the bottom of the boat. Viking life is not for me.
We also visited Bergan and then headed home. On the way we encounter a shark. Fortunately I was able to save Kel and he was uninjured in the encounter.
Here is our last sunset leaving Norway. The sun set so late here and the sky never really got dark. So different from here.
Once back in the UK, Kel and I had a day in standsted before heading home. We visited a medival castle. It was fun...but...

Kel ended up in the stocks for some strange reason. He eventually made bail and we were allowed to leave the country to come home! We never figured out what he did wrong, but I enjoyed throwing rotten food at him :)

Well, that's the trip in a nutshell. I will upload more pictures to Snapfish later in the week, but for those of you that want the edited version, this is for you.

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That's awsome! I bet the shark took Kel's wallet!

I love the synapsis of pics.