Monday, June 2, 2008

Kel has a stalker, Tazz n agility, and it is 9 days before our trip

This weekend while I was running around an agility course, Kel was watching TV. Engrosed in some sports program (I'm sure) he was frustrated when Maddie and Rocky were barking up a storm at the front door. He yelled at them to "shutup!" but the barking continuied so he picked himself up off the couch to see what all the noise was about.

When he went to the front, what he saw astonished him. Standing looking in at the dogs (who at this point are throwing themselves at the window, spinning, and barking) is a male peacock in full regelia. Obviously he mistook our beautiful Maddie for a pea hen. Kel in his infinate wisdom ran outside with the camera and took pictures as he knew I wouldn't believe it unless he had proof. I would have accepted Peacock poop, but he said the pictures were more definative.

This is our lovely green front door. Maddie and Rocky can usually be found on either side of the door at the windows ready and waiting to bark at something.

We had a fun 3 days in Turlock.

First before anything else, I must report on our Sat evening meal. It was OUTSTANDING! We started out with a "Tapa" of sea scallops topped with a type of mango salsa. It was wonderful. I ordered a salad and a beef tapa and laura ordered the halibit. each item brought a little something different to our pallets. After a long day of agility, it was wonderful to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal.

The agility was also good. Tazz was a good boy and kept his good attitude the entire weekend. We had 2runs on Friday, 5 runs Sat, and 5 runs sunday. Laura tripled that with her three dogs. It was a very active weekend as if we weren't running, volunteering, or watching, we were exercising our dogs that weren't running. Fin got to play with other pups, run and chase balls, learn to hang with mom (walking to and from the chuck-it field), and basically have fun being a pup.

Laura did really well, she won Grand Prix and Master Jumpers on Saturday and her team with Brazen won the team event.

Tazz got 2nd in Snooker, Q'd in Master jumps, had some really good runs all weekend, and his team "Wreaking Havoc" came in 9th place (not bad when after round one of team we were in last place!). I'll post some of the runs later in the week.

As I sit here, I am amazed that June 11 is right around the corner! I have a busy week ahead and don't know how I'm going to get everything done...but done it will get as the plane will not wait if we are late. I am really looking forward to seeing my friend Julie and spending 16 days with my husband.

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Trish said...

I notice these strange visitations only happen when your out of town... mmmmmmm

congrats on some good runs and a great dinner