Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Big Bonus or "Who needs sleep!"

We arrived promptly in Boston at 7:45am. We walked over to our gate and found out our flight was delayed until 6:45pm. As I write this, we should be crawling into bed in our little b&b in London, but no, we are still in Boston.

Not ones to rest on our laurals, Kel and I left our carry on's at the airport and took the subway into London. We got lost, took a duck tour, walked the freedom trail, ate a wonderful lunch, and then found our way back to the airport.

We are thrilled we got to spend 7 hours in Boston. It is a fun place and we'll definately come back. We found the people to be charming and this is a truly multicultural place.

We are looking forward to some sleep, though. Tomorrow it is London and meeting up with Peg at the Natural History Museum and then on to dinner with Julie. Fun times.

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