Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walk a mile in my shoes

Flam (god only knows what day it is...I think Monday).

Flam was a first stop in Norway. It is undescribable how beautiful. I can only say that Kel must have taken at least 1000 pictures just today.

This stop was the only organized activity that we participated in. The activity was to take a train trip up the Fiord valley, get off the train, hike for 7 miles, get back on the train and go back to the ship. The first part went really well. We had a great train ride and walking back was amazing. Waterfalls everywhere, dropping off cliffs into rushing rivers, just a truly enjoyable walk. We were a little tired, but felt that the walk was wonderful.

At the train stop, in line for the ladies, Peggy says, I'm walking back (another 11 K). I told her she was crazy, but after a brief stop, her and Rich left for home. Kel and I hung around waiting for the train. Then the news came, a rock slide has delayed the train. No one knows how long. Everyone is cranky and people are complaining. Finally about 45 minutes after Peg left and with no end to the wait insight, Kel and I decide to leave the cranky people and just head on down the valley ourselves. Off we went on our 7 mile hike.

The first 4 weren't so bad. As a matter of fact the scenery was amazing. The last 3 were unbearable. I try to hitch a ride with the few cars that came down the hill. I kept trucking, but this body I'm in is not in shape to walk 14 miles and I don't know what I was thinking.

When we FINALLY saw the ship, I had kel take a picture because for me it was pure joy!

Today it is 2 days later and I'm still sore. I'm really proud to have done it, but wondering if given the choice I'd do it again.

We do have wonderful pictures as Kel kept taking even when he was tired.

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Trish said...

OMG 14 miles in 4 inch heals! OMG of course it was hard. Next time wear tennies!

Maddie misses you, Rocky wants to eat taz and Taz keeps clicking his heals together barking "no like moms, no love like moms"? I'm not getting it.