Saturday, December 17, 2011

The day we saw Sherlock Holmes

Date night was a visit to the movie theater to see Sherlock Holmes.  Totally Rocked!

Fun stuff, action, and a good story. 

Recommend it. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It is catchup time!

It has been awhile.  The dogs and I have been up to loads of mischief.

I have a big project that I'm working on.  Cleaning out my attic and bonus room.  Between work, working dogs, and getting rid of the "unique and wonderful items that may have been stored for over 12 years" aka "crap" outta my life, I haven't had time for such pleasures as writing a blog.

Today, I can say, "Every box from the attic has been opened and gone through."  Yippiee!!!!  I have a pile of stuff for the dumps.  I have been taking stuff to goodwill.  I have a few valuables that I don't know what to do with.

Now that the attic is done, I will clean out the bonus room.  My husband wants a man cave and I want an exercise room for me and the dogs.  I think we'll be able to accommodate both in that big bonus room.  I feel like a huge load is lifting from my shoulders.  I hardly recognize myself!

This past weekend was the annual chill fest.  Where we in northern California have a trial in Santa Rosa that has the reputation for being serious cold.  You've got to be tough to get through this trial and once again it didn't disappoint. 

I know, I know.  You people in the other parts of the country are trialing in snow.  Oh, I get it.  But you must understand that when that temp gets close to 30 here, only the true "crazies" do agility. I honestly don't know how anyone runs in all these cloths.  I had to take stuff off to run, and then put it all back on.  Just going to the restroom for a quick break becomes a huge deal with having to peel all the layers to get to the point you can actually use the facilities.  Yikes it is cold.

December is our annual team event.  First team event to qualify for USDAA nationals.  Our team "EAT MONKEY FISH" did great.  SpaceMonkey teamed up with two shelties (Fin and "world team member Manja Kajava").  Our best event was the Standard where we placed 3rd among some top teams!  Snooker and Gamble...not so much.  Our relay was like a clown skit, but we got through without E'ing.

A nice big Nationals Q for the three of us.  Seriously, I think Monkey really liked teaming with the munchkins.  There were some wooo wooo'ing going on this weekend.

Team Standard was a fun course.  I was a little late in places, but Fin and held it together for a 3rd place behind our team mate Manja and Mr. Big.

After the team event, we had two more days of agility.  My favorite run of the entire weekend was not one I Q'd in.  It was jumpers, late at night on Sat.  Fin does go into the wrong end of the tunnel, but I just kept going and it was blazing fast.  If I had only decelled just a tad at the end she would have gotten that jump...but I was just moving and didn't stop, so she went around it.  I still just loved the run.

Steeplechase round one was fun.  We got our Q and the beginning was really fast and wonderful.  I got a little behind after the second A frame that caused a bit of a miscue but we were clean and now are qualified for Nationals in Steeplechase as well as Team.

What still alludes me is that silly Grand Prix.  I'll get it next year.

Fin and I are done competing for 2011.  We will start up again in 2012.  We'll be working on our contacts and taking the jump that is in front of you over the next few weeks.