Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rocking N Rolling!

Here is a brief synopsis (all I have time for):

Fri June 13: Arrive London 9am, cab to hotel, nap, dress, loose wallet, go crazy, spent 4 hours trying to find it, give up, cancel all cards, tell ourselves we'll survive, meet up with Julie and Peg, wonderful dinner, sleep finally.
Sat June 14: Rondevue at Waterloo, train to Hampton Court, all day in enjoying the company of friends, dinner back in London (yummy), show: We Will Rock You! sleep again
Sun June 16: London Eye! Boat trip up the Thames, The Tower, another boat trip, walking around London, Bush is here, London is not happy, pretend we are canadians, lovely dinner of Tapas, stop at a pub for drinks in Covant Gardens, Sleep.
Monday June 17, Breakfast and walk with Julie, Kiss Kiss, bye, bye, off to the ship. Arrive at the ship and work out, meet for dinner, watch a show, beautiful sleep.
Tues June 18, Someplace in France, walked to town, walked around, enjoyed a "cola lite" and coffees in town. Had a lovely time.
Wed June 19: we are supposed to be ankoring at Plymouth and taking small boats to town. Seas are too rough and the port is canceled. No worries, I go back to sleep and Kel DRAGS me outta bed around 10:30 and we go work out. Spend the day lazy around the ship...what a wonderful day.
THurs: Cork Ireland (at this point the only reason I know what day it is, is due to the fact they change the names of the days in the elevators every day. Shuttle to Cork. Lovely town. Power walked to see everything. Shuttle home. Vici is Last person on ship. They were removing the gang planks when we get back (more on this later). Still had a fun time...10 people missed the ship, but we made it! :)
Fri: Dublin: LOVELY city. Definately going back. Got a present for my sister here. too short of time
Sat: Scottland: Shuttle to Glasglow. Walked around. Cathedral and shopping. Back to the ship and walked around the port town. People are WONDERFUL here. I really like Scottland. Stayed up late dancing. Kel made the finals of the karioki contest. He sang New York new york. He did really well and was funny! So cute.
Sunday: Today. time change AGAIN! Got up early (everyone else is sleeping) and worked out. I've been doing personal training while on the ship. I really like the gal but she worked me hard.

Miss you all. Talk to you soon.

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Trish said...

Ok well it sounds like my vacation here. wake up feed dogs, pick up poop, take nap. Wake up to watch BBC "how clean is your house" swim, take a nap, wake up to play chuck it, wii fit, swim feed dogs, swim sleep.

Don't know what day it is and I dont' care! Which sister did you buy a present for?