Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Flying Pimentos - 3 weeks old

I can't believe they've been here a week.  Time is flying by and they are developing by the hour.  In a 24 hour period there are so many changes.  I took the following photos today despite Olive repeatedly jumping up and grabbing the purple monkey.  She is sound asleep with the monkey right now.  No, no, I do not spoil my dogs.  Not in the least.

Pimento is continuing to grow.  She is getting multiple freckles and her markings are just beautiful.  She is a confident little girl, constantly roaming and has not worries about any surface she is on.  Loves to be in a human lap and today sat next to Olives head chewing on her ear.  Adorable.  She seems very balanced and walks well around her little area.  She is playful and full of joy.

A stunner for sure.  She has personality and confidence to boot.  She does these little spins when playing, pushing herself backwards, barking, and twirling. Often she ends up facing a wall and looks so confused.  She is a happy little girl and as one of the largest pups does tend to get what she wants.  she likes people and when Olive gets into the bed with them, is one of the first to notice and head in that direction.


Whiskey is a very good boy.  He is confident in areas he is comfortable and a little wary in new areas/surfaces.  But once he figures out everything is ok, he turns into a motoring machine.  He is the first to pee without Olive's help.  Not such a joyous occasion for me as I get clean up duty, but he is very proud of himself.  He tends to fall asleep in human arms and loves to give kisses on noses.


Eclipse continues to thrive.  One of the smaller puppies, she is outstandingly beautiful with her highlights of tri.  She has been getting stronger and stronger and now will not let the other puppies push her off the nipple without a fight.  She is a beauty and gets around really well.  She loves to play bity face with mom and the other puppies.  She is extremely huggable and seems to really appreciate her humans.

This little girl is something special.  She is first to the milk bar, last to leave.  Often found on her back sleeping, she seems like she has a good sense of things.  Comfortable no matter what I do with her, she seems like she will make a fabulous fun puppy.  She is very fun to hold as she just relaxes and enjoys whatever you do with her.  And, like her mama is very photogenic.


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness they seem just so sweet!!! Such a special time, and it flies by so fast! Give the babies a hug from us-- Kathy, cricket, Katy

Mary said...

I love reading about them :-)

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...

Barry really enjoyed getting to see and hear About them