Friday, July 11, 2014

The Flying Pimentos

Olive is doing well.  She is a great mom and tries hard to make her babies fat and happy.  She was a little under the weather and I had to step in for a day, but she is back to her normal self and cleaning and feeding like a pro.  Love my little O.  So happy she is here with me.

Pups came back on Sunday and have been here five days and I am totally in love with them.  At nearly 3 weeks (12 days) they have started to play with each other and interact with me.  Their eyes are open (opened over the weekend at 2 weeks) and they are recognizing each other to initiate play.

#1 out of the womb was Pimento.  A tri girl with a split face but black on both ears.  She is now starting to develop more black freckles.  The littlest at birth, she has now passed her sister Eclipse and is no longer the smallest.  She is a sweet pup that really likes to play, eager for the milk bar and holds on to her place but won't fight for a tit already taken...she'll just find one that isn't.  She was the first to get out of the little crate and crawl 4 feet across the room before I realized she was out.  She is a roamer.  She has started growly noises and makes incredibly adorable vocalizations.  She relaxes in your arms and has bright curious eyes.

#2 out of the womb was Mystic.  A beauty.  She is a big girl and is in constant competition for the largest pup (with her brother).  For Mystic and the milk bar, the grass is always greener and will push off other pups it she thinks their spot in the milk bar is better than hers.  She cries (LOUD) if she needs something and her mom is not taking care of her.  She is confident about everything around her and also likes to initiate play with the other pups.  She is a beauty with her split face and black ears.  Lots of try in this girl.  She likes being held, but not so hot about her neurological stimulation exercises.  She is the first I noticed to bat at a toy.  A mover this girl roams a bunch and loves to sleep with another pup touching, often climbing on top of everyone and falling into a crevice of puppies.

#3 out of the womb is our only boy, Whiskey.  He is a fine fellow who is our biggest pup.  He is confident and happy.  Loves to play.  First barker that I noticed.  He like Mystic, is loud when he is not happy.  He wants what he wants NOW.  But he also has a laid back nature that makes him quite loveable.  He loves to be held and settles down immediately during our neurological stimulation exercises.  He almost looks happy with soft content eyes.  He vocalizes a ton as well and he loves to bite all his sisters.  At the milk bar he demands his spot and will push off any pup (most trouble pushing off Mystic). 

#4 is Eclipse.  She is a beautiful pup with tons of tri.  She is the smallest (now) and is also the most laid back.  She doesn't fight for a nipple often, but when she does, she holds on has hard as she can, general getting pushed off, then finding another.  She vocalizes but mostly to play, not a big whiner.  She loves to be held and loves to play.  She is able to walk around pretty well, but stays around the other pups.  She is soft eyed but bright.  Observes her world.  She often is the last to wake up and first to fall asleep. She is a sweety pie.

#5 is Piglet.  The littlest "O".  Mini Me.  Fatty Patty.  She is a roley poley girl that loves to eat.  She sleeps on her back all the time.  She is last to walk around, but I think that has more to do with the size of her belly then anything.  She has soft eyes and loves people.  EVERYONE loves her.  She relaxes immediately into your arms and will give you kisses and soft puppy breath.  There is an athlete in there, she just needs to lay off the milk bar a little and it will come out.  No one pushes her off her spot in the milk bar.  She is confident and persistent in what she wants.  She will lay on her back and swat at the other puppies when they walk by (hysterical).  She was caught chewing on Olives tail this morning....upside down.

Olive is doing well.  She eats about six times what she used to eat and exercises multiple times a day.  We started back on agility obstacles and her weaves are amazing.  She remembered her stopped contacts and jumping is going well too.  Motherhood seems to have agreed with her overall.  She truly adores the puppies and lays with them watching them much of the time.  Sometimes when they are crying she will look at me like, " something!"  I have to laugh. 


Elf said...

Wonderful personality analyses! Glad that Olive is doing well.

Diana said...

They are all beautiful. So glad everyone is doing well.

Margaret said...

Vici, they are each so adorable and you are a fine correspondent. And Olive, so beloved. What a wonderful experience for all of you.