Friday, August 29, 2008 is time for the Regionals

Here in the bay area, we have the USDAA Regionals every Labor day weekend. This year we are having 4 days of agility with more that 3900 runs.

Now granted, Friday starts at 6:00pm, with only a pairs run, but there are so many dogs, they are splitting the pairs into two rings!

Saturday is team and I put Tazz in Performance for all the tournament classes and Championship for everything else. He is teamed up with Beau the poodle and the "boyz" should have fun together.

I volunteered at this trial as the "vendor" person. This means that before the trial I coordinate all the vendors who are coming. Then day of the trial, I set out where they will be. We'll have 14 vendors at this trial (this is a large number of vendors).

There are alot of secret benefits to volunteering. If you are considering being a volunteer, I highly recommend it. One of the benefits is I'm on the trial committee. This means I am part of a group of people that get the emails about the organization of the trial and make all the decisions. We get to talk about such exciting things as porta potties - how many and where they should be, toilet paper - how many rolls (turns out we are talking ALOT of toilet paper), recycling and garbage.

There are other benefits of volunteering, but the truth of the matter is I do it because we wouldn't have a trial if people don't step up.

So, I will not let my vending duties get in the way of my "agility run" duties. I'll pull myself away from the shiny objects long enough to run a few good runs. It will be hot, so we'll see how it tazzie loves his cool mornings so we'll see what the weekend brings.

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