Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Regionals

How exciting! The USDAA western regionals held every Labor day weekend. This year, the Bayteam held the regionals in SMART territory at the Manzanita Park in Prunedale. Dare I say it was some of the BEST agility weather we've had for this regional. I was worried that there would not be enough space, but there was plenty of space for all.

I entered Tazz for all four days and what most surprized me was that he stayed steady the entire time. Yes there were moments of brillance, yes there were moments of slowness, but all in all I was really happy with his runs. I believe lots of "Q's" are in the future, just none this weekend.

Kel was in Arizona this weekend and I had the pleasure of Trish staying with me in Morgan Hill. When I left on Friday for a busy day in Prunedale, the kitchen was a mess. I called and appologized letting her know that I would clean it up. When I got home, the kitchen was "SPOTLESS!" Trish gets to come and visit ANYTIME she wants.

In the evenings we talked and played scrabble. I left each morning before the sun rose and Trish slept in. When I'd get home, there was a hot meal waiting. What more can one ask. I even had a beer on Sunday night and was EXTREMELY relaxed :)

All in all a fun time. One of the highlights was running Havoc. Always a fun ride. Mondays run was GREAT...until we got to the tunnel. Oh well.

Tazz snooker. I still don't understand why we got whistled off, but we did just at the closing...our opening was great!

Standard. A missed contact, slow weaves, and a slow table down were our demise, but other than that he was happy and enjoyed running.

Standard with Havoc. Compare Tazzies run with this one. It is a totally different experience running Havoc. One must think quick for sure!

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Trish said...

we gonna start to call you zippy!