Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indoor/outdoor, no worries

Last night I took Fin to indoor agility at my friend Ann's place in woodside. Laura teaches there and she has volunteered to let me practice there on Mondays when I can get away from my bi-weekly staff meeting.

I wasn't sure how it would all go (with the noise and all), but I shouldn't have worried. Laura had taken her when I was on the cruise and she settled in like she'd been doing it all her life.

So the teeter. The teeter was so loud it scared me! Not Fin. I did a few bang games with her to start off the day and in no time she was running to the end and letting it bang. I think the people in palo alto heard that darn teeter.

Table, beautiful!

Dog walk: She definitely has a good dogwalk. Somehow, she knows what to do. It is amazing when you take clear criteria and practice practice practice.

Start line stay: Hmmmm. again, I can see this is gonna be a challenge. Lots of start line stays in our future.

Herding while jumping: Hmmm....tooo exciting ...weeeeee...Mom needs to be in the right place so that little Finnie doesn't go around jumps :)

A frame: Still working on transferring to a 2o2o and so didn't even attempt. Just did some targeting on the end.

Loads of fun.

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