Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where will our Country be next year?

Politics. Not really my forte. Don't want to talk about it much. Have strong feelings about somethings, other things, well, I just don't know. I like agility because the politics are minimal. However...

I just have to speak up for a moment.

If you haven't registered, get out and register. The last day to register to vote is fast approaching.

Vote on November 4. Do an absentee vote if you don't like going to the polls. Just do it. It is important. This is an important election. The United States isn't doing so well. We need to speak our voice.

By the way, what is your voice?

McCain is a good guy, but is he the correct person to run our country? What about his running mate Sarah Palin? Lots of press about her. I'm not sure she'd make my "good guys list." She wants to bring something fresh to to Washington, but her views are "no choice," "increase defense spending," and "cut programs," what is fresh about that? Why did McCain select her, she doesn't seem like she is the right person to run my country? If this is an example of his decision making, is this the type of decision making we want? They both say they want to cut taxes, however, how can you cut taxes, cut spending yet increase spending for defense...all that will happen is our debt will increase? Why does Iraq have a surplus of 70 BILLION $$?

Obama is a good guy. Is he the right person? In many ways, I wish Hilary had made the ticket as I truly believe she was the better choice. However, I can't argue that Obama is looking good. He selected someone with experience. Biden is "pro-choice." They both agree that to get us out of the mess we are in that Americans will have to tighten their belts. They acknowledge that this IS a mess (McCain believes it was the right thing to do). They feel that it is time to help the American people and ask other countrys to help themselves a little more. What is wrong with that?

Hmmmm, I've actually already made my choice. I'm voting Obama.

I don't mind paying more taxes for change. I, like anyone, don't want my taxes increased. I just don't see a way out of this mess that our current leadership has put us in. I have been against the practices of the Bush administration the entire 8 years of his leadership. I am embarassed for what the US has done in Iraq and wish to god there was a way to take it all back gracefully.

I of course want all my readers to vote Obama, however, I don't care who you want to vote for, just get out and vote. This is an important election. Do it.

There are alot of other things on this ticket that are important. What about the rights of individuals that would like to get married? Marriage is a legal contract between two people that want to spend the rest of their life together. Married people actually pay more taxes that single people! Who cares what sex they are, if they are compatible, let 'em get married.It is a good strategy for increasing the $$ in washington and getting us out of our mess!

Come on people. Have your voice heard. Register. Then vote

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Trish said...

I'm voting party lines

Libertarian baby!!!!