Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Great Debate

It came down to this. Do I sit and watch two guys talk, but not answer questions (is it just me, or was it just a little weird that they resemble lounge singers?), or do I run around outside playing with the dogs.

I figured, I ask questions of the dogs all the time and they answer with nonsense, so I skipped it.

I "DVR'd" (I'm so 21st century) for Kel so I heard him watching it. It was making me mad so I had to remove myself. Instead, me and the dogs went in the back and had our own debate.

Today we find our candidates on the campaign trail in a format of debate called the “town hall.”

The first question is for our esteemed colleague, “Razzmatazz”

Tom Brokaw: Tazz, how will you solve the energy crisis?

Razzmatazz: Well Tom, that’s a really great question. My colleague, Rocky, has voted 17 times for more dinners. I on the other hand feel that fewer dinners will help the economy. I like snacks and I believe more snacks are what will help us in the long run. The economy is in fine shape and we’ll see that even though Rocky wants to bail out big business and provide no healthcare, I'm all for snacks and dinners and healthcare.

Tom Brokaw: Okay, Rocky, how will you solve the energy crisis?
As I have said over and over we need to have our government buy all the default dinners and make sure all the people don’t loose their dinners. This will solve all our problems and then we can focus on resource guarding which is what our country really needs.

Tom Brokaw: Let’s move on. Tazz, do you feel that education is important?

Education, the economy, it all comes down to whether or not we have dinners and snacks.

Tom Brokaw: Ok, Rocky, do you have an opinion on Education?

Rocky: It is one of the top issues of the day, but what is really important is that when Tazz was 8 months old, he was associated with some older pups that ran with a bad crowd. Those other pups were prejudiced and wouldn’t associate with any of the Pugs. I’m all for pugs. You won’t find that I ran with any wrong crowds as I was too busy defending my country and getting tortured by running AKC agility.

Tom Brokaw: Well, is it fair to bring up something about Tazz when he was barely old enough to make his own decisions? Why not stay on the topic at hand. Ok Tazz, what about choice? Where do you stand?

Tazz: I’m all for choice. Rocky doesn't like the choice. I vote for choice. Them bitches have the right to choose.

Rocky: The focus really isn't on choice, it needs to be on what is good for everyone. We need to have a plan for resource guarding or all will fail.

It went on like that. Maddie fell asleep, Fin played with a dust bunnie, and I finally asked Kel if we could watch something else.

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Trish said...

LOL! That is awsome!

See me and Molly We are libertarians... Liberate the dinners!!!!!