Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halfway to First Goal

Ok, my first goal, "I will not run Fin in an agility trial until I loose 30 pounds."

I'm halfway there. Today I'm at 15.2 pounds. This means I only need to loose 14.8 pounds and Fin and I can enter a real trial. I guess I need to focus and work on sequencing! Get those turns sharp!

So today while I stood in line for Weigh in, I decided I needed new goals. "Once I loose the 15, I can't show her if I gain any of it back!" Ouch! Ok, I'm on a roll. Here is another. For the "April Team trial, I must loose another 30 to put her in team" I really want to get that team Q, I already have a team set up for April. Can I get 60 pounds down by April? I see alot of yogurt and grilled fish in my future :)

So. 44.8 pounds by April. That is only 5 months away. I'm now questioning my sanity! But it is written down. I know what I weighed when I started. I know what I want to weigh. I'm going for it!

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Michele C said...

Great goals, Vici! You are looking great! Go, girlfriend!