Friday, October 31, 2008

Can you say internet?


I'm here at the USDAA Nationals in Scottsdale AZ. Fin and I have been busy traveling around. Wed we set off for Avondale and made it in 10.5 hours. She was a good girl and pottied at every stop and slept or chewed on her bone the entire time. We got into Avondale around 6:30pm and my friend Helen had just arrived home that day. She and her husband and baby Kayla came over and helped me unload the van. Then we all went for a walk.

There was a frozen dinner of uncertain age in the fridge and I thought, I'll eat this. Unfortunately, the age did not agree with me and I had a rough evening of it. But slept in the next day till 8am, got up and started cleaning. To say the least, EVERYTHING in the fridge is now in the trash. Sunday night is trash night and it felt good to toss it all out and clean the fridge. All is going well on house cleaning, I've got alot packed and ready to go and will load up the Van for the return trip on Monday.

Today I'm at the nationals. Got to watch my friend Laura run in Team standard. Right now her team is in 6th place overall! That is just fantastic! Tomorrow is gamble and send good luck to them to keep their spot.

Tonight was PNS finals and was very exciting. I had a bit of a headache, but stayed for the fun. Left there around 8:30 and headed to my scottsdale hotel (one night only...tomorrow back to AVONDALE). Fin is pass out on the bed right now :)

I'll blog when I get home, will have some video and pictures. It is just amazing!

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