Monday, October 20, 2008

A Madera Weekend

Madera is always one of my favorite venues. This weekend, the entries were small and we finished in time to get home, take showers and have dinner with the husbands. We did have to get up at 4:50am to drive back, but dinner with Kel was worth it (and sleeping in my own bed).

I really liked our judge. His courses were challenging without being over the top.

First up on Sat was pairs. Usually one of my least favorite classes, this pairs was fun. It was so long that it felt like a mini standard run. Not very many clean runs, but Tazz got through clean and his parter got through with a couple faults, but still under course time so "Q Baby!"

Next we did standard. I thought it was doable. Tazz was first of the day, he was perfect, just slow:

Havoc was next. A couple close calls, but miracle of all miracles, he didn't call any refusals....until 3rd jump from the end she went around it, great time, just no "Q."

The rest of the day was like that. Laura asked that I work contacts in gamble, so I did and Havoc was a good girl. Just didn't want to go out to the Teeter. It was a repeat performance for Tazz, good in the opening, no gamble.

Grand Prix was a pretty tough course. Was fun though. Tazz was a good boy and ran for Laura. He stopped at the 4th jump and looked confused (I think he was looking for me) and got a refusal. But the rest of the course he stayed with Laura and was a good boy. Havoc was almost too good at the beginning. There was some nice parts...then there was the part that she went around the teeter :)

Havoc Standard on Sunday

Tazz on Sunday was a story of slow. He just didn't have the speed needed. His standard was his best run of the day, but he missed the dogwalk contact. Otherwise a pretty good run.

The trial was over by 1:00pm! Came home, greeted everyone, played ball, then went over the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio. I felt that even though I had an active weekend, it was probably good for me to do some extended cardio since everything I did was in short burst.

Came home, had dinner and fell asleep on the sofa.

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Trish said...

woke up, roommate cranky , no hot water, extra dog in the house, hip hurts, But NOW my day is made! Love your runs!