Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what happened to the month?

It is October 15! It is Fall. Winter is around the corner. It was 80 degrees at 4:00pm in Hollister!

Today we worked on lead out pivot.
The top left is where we started (of course we did this both sides (left and right leadouts). We were working up to the two bottom ones. Fin figured it out quickly, but I could see that we still need work on this area. I need my leadouts so I can have a head start.
Today I was most proud of my timing. After the first attempt, I got really got at understanding Fins commitment point and I was hitting my FC right at the correct time. Excellent exercises.
We also worked on Weave entrance with just the two by two weaves. So cool to see Fin catch on since we did these about a month ago, but still needed help in some areas...more to work on!
Lots of fun today. Work out at 11:30 with David. Elliptical, sit ups, and push ups and I'm a noodle. Then off to agility with Fin. Circle work, circle work, fun jumps, and weaves.
Home and my husband is watching the debate. I can't. Just makes me emotional. I've already done my ballet.

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