Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Birthday Hiking

Kel's birthday is usally a quiet affair. Kel and I meet up with some family and friends and have a lovely dinner. Kel's not one to want something "big," but this was his "50th!" so I felt something special was needed.

Thanks to the loan of Laura's van (which she detailed just for us), we were able to invite my sister trish who spent the weekend with us. Fin and Tazz also joined us. We left the older pups at home with my mom.

So off we went to Pinecrest Lake/Strawberry California. We were thinking alpine experience and we got so much more than that.

The hiking was fabulous! The trees were turning and everything was amazing. Since this is considered, "off season," most of the time we were out there all by ourselves.

Most of the time the pups had to stay on leash as there were other hikers, dogs, and let's not forget the wild life. But there were times were it was pretty open or the pups just needed a cool water break and were off leash. Fin was the funniest getting the zoomies on all sorts of inappropriate places (sides of cliffs, rocky terrian, etc) but both dogs were great and you could tell really enjoyed the hiking.
Even though the lake itself was low, the river flowing from it was amazing. We spent most of our time hiking along the river (on and off paths - a story for later).

I love big rocks and got my fill.

This was my view for most of our hikes.

I especially like this pic that Trish took. Thanks Trish!

Everything is so big in the forest. This is when we were on the trail. There was many times when we were not on the trail (some of the best times :) ).

Obviously we've been married way too long!

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