Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Biggest Winner

Today I weigh in. It is a weekly thing. I go to WW and stand on the scale and weigh.

Last night the contestants on the biggest looser weighed in. They lost between 0 and 8 pounds....yes EIGHT pounds in one week. Lordy. This is their fourth week. I know I shouldn't compare, but something tells me I should be doing more!

One thing on the show that was a little surprizing is that one of the trainers gave all the girls homework. The homework was to do 90 minutes of cardio. It is hard for me to image doing an additional 90 minutes in a day. I know it is a show, but does that additional 90 minutes even help? If I don't loose weight this week, I might be in the gym tonight instead of watching survivor!

So this week I've been very good on my work outs. I'm in the gym doing cardio EVERY day...not just 20 minutes mind you. The least cardio I did this week was 30 minutes (that was just one day). The rest of the week I've done 45 minutes cardio with warmup, cool down, and stretches. I also did two days of personal training with David. David knows how to kick butt.

I can see a difference these last two weeks in my body. Cloths are much looser. But the scale doesn't reflect the changes. The changes seem to be more shifting and tightening. We'll see what the scale says, but I weigh myself here and I know what my scale says.

Gotta focus on how proud I am that I'm getting to the gym EVERY day. Now this weekend I'm in Dixon, but I'm parking the car far from the rings so there will be some walking to do. I'll make sure that I actually get out and do some exercise (take Fin for a walk) other than just the agility.

Another day in paradise, working hard and focusing on my health and well being. I am the biggest winner since I've been taking control of my life. :)

Updated: I lost 1.6 pounds this week.


Trish said...


You are the gold STar. Remember what I've always said. You be the pick of the litter in our dog patch!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Vici! Keep up the good work. I am struggling to work out everyday also. Remember that exercise benefits more than loss of weight. I was once told by a friend that you need to look at exercise as a lifestyle change rather than a goal of losing weight.

vici whisner said...

Yep it is hard. But both you and I have dogs that require us to be fit. I've skated by with Tazz as he runs as slow as I do. But every time I don't want to go to the gym, I take Fin out and run. Then I am reminded why I need to go to the gym :)

I'm actually feeling "happy" when I'm going to work out. I guess it is starting to kick in.

Still hard, but like you say, a lifestyle change.