Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My friends are on an agility team together. "Ben," "Manja," and "Brazen." They want team shirts and their team name is "Benja Brazen Warriors." A friend of Karens did some cartoon drawings that were really cute and Laura had asked me what I would do. So I took some time today to be creative and taking inspiration from ninja turtles, I did headshots with Ninja masks.

This is the first time that I've done any drawing with the computer programs and I'm really happy with it. I actually drew the heads and scanned the image in as a JPEG. I opened the JPEG up in Fireworks8 and added the color. Brazen (the merle dog) was the easiest as I had a picture of her, but the others I had to do from memory or a small pic I found on the web.

It was a fun project and worth the time whether they use it or not. I've forgotten how much fun my art can be and I've really got to do more.

Updated: Here is another version. This one looks a little more finished.

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