Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sheep Poo

It's been about 2.5 years since I worked Tazz on sheep. I quit sheep herding because:

  • It is time consuming
  • It involves driving long distances for a very short time in the ring
  • Many sheep instructors yell and hit their dogs
  • I felt like an idiot more times than not

I did sheep herding because Tazz really enjoyed it and it was fun to do while I was waiting for Tazz to mature so we could do agility.

My friend Laura said, why don't you go with me next week. I said, sure, why not.
Today we went and did some herding. I had zero expectations. One of the last times we herded, Tazz got yelled at and shut down completly, and Tazz has an incredible memory. The last time he was ever on sheep was two years ago and he was totally not into it at all.
But I figured, what the heck. Let's go for it.
I can not express the joy it is to watch your dog doing something they love. From the moment we arrived Tazz sniffed the air and his step had more bounce in it. When he watched another dog in a pen 1/4 mile away herd he got his happy little chirpy bark he sometimes gets, tail high and wagging and just alot of happy wiggle.

We had to wait for our turn and I was thinking that perhaps he might get hot and not want to work. That was not the case. He worked his little heart out. He was truly enjoying himself more than he has enjoyed himself in a LONG while. Heat, no problem. He ran a full steam when needed and never once gave any indication of "slo moe."

Tazz got two times in the pen with the sheep and we are definately going back. Tazz does agility for me. Herding, thats for him.

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