Saturday, September 20, 2008

Team Slow Dog

Today found Laura and her three and me and my one on the lonely stretches of highway heading to the wonderful land of Woodland about 2.25 hours north of Morgan Hill.

Tazzie's heart was not in it today. He was out there supporting the team, but he was hot and tired and just couldn't get outta 2nd gear. The first run was pretty good. It was still in the low 80's at that point. Later, no speed. I did what I could, but it wasn't his day. He did nothing wrong, just did everything at low speed. I really think it was the heat.

Laura had some really nice runs. A couple bobbles, but all in all a good day for Team Pryse.

Havoc and I had a GREAT run in Standard. If only she had stayed on the table, we would have Q'd for sure.

No video today, I left the house at 5am and the video camera was forgotten on my desk.

No shows tomorrow. Just a little fun match close by. Tazz may get to stay home if he is still has the mopes.

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Trish said...

winter is coming. He will get faster!