Monday, September 15, 2008

A Good Weekend - A Tazzy Weekend

I feel like an agility person today. I'm tired, but in a good way. Tazz acted like a real agility dog for TWO whole days. Ok, no it wasn't like a FAST agility dog, that would be asking for too much. But he did act like he was enjoying himself.


Masters standard A good start. No Q, but definitely a good run. A missed contact and a weave pop out, but happy happy happy.

Master pairs. Q and 1st place! Thanks world team member Marcy for being my pairs partner :)

Master Gamblers. No Q. No distance work. Mama's boy.

Master Snooker. Q, happy dog. Happy mom.

Steeplechase. I didn't even check the scores. He did a nice job, but missed an A frame contact. No way we q'd...WAY!!! Next morning I'm walking Standard and I think, maybe I should go check and Whoala there is Tazzies name on the running order. Q!!!!!!


Steeplechase. 1st place $15.89. Ok, Ok, there were no other dogs in the class. But hey. In 3 weeks no one is gonna remember that Tazzie was a lone wolf, I still have bragging rights

Standard. What an excellent run he had. If he hadn't taken 4 seconds to lie down, it would have been a RIGHTOUS Q...but no matter. We are getting closer and closer and I feel a MAD coming our way.

Grand Prix: Q!!!! 2nd place! nothing more to say to that.

Ok, here is where I started to loose it. Gamble and snooker, no q, my fault, but I could tell that Tazzie's enthusiasm was starting to wain as well. Skipped Jumpers and headed home.

A great weekend by any ones standards.

A few comments from this weekend I thought especially funny:

In reference to Tazz, "He actually cantered!"

In reference to a dropped bar, "I had the wrong shoes on."

In reference to an owner and her dogs name, "She is either an alcoholic, gay, or a stalker."

Dirt Dogs

And lastly, my friends dog was a little hot this weekend and dug herself a nice hole in the ground. While she was making herself comfortable, a little Papillon was buried in her crate and her pen mate Hobbes was covered in dirt much of the day.


Trish said...

I need that dog to dig me out of Jury duty!

Stuck in a room with 50 smelly people... or I'm smelly I forget!

Could use a good dirt diggin dog though!

First the garage sale and now jury duty... who did I piss off?

Trish said...

I'm feeling a sense of abandonment. Could it be the loss of my daily blog? Where it be. I come to this corner to feel the connection and it's just a lonely windy,dusty newspaper ridden street.

I feel the tears coming.... I must go.