Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's just cover it all!

Ok, I've been bad. Didn't get blogs done this week. So here is goes:

Fitness report: Another .5 hits the dust. Gotta do better than this, but I'm happy about it. No fast food. Lots of apples, veggies, and fish.

Training: going good. Fin is having fun in her personal class with Moe. She likes Moe and all the other people and their dogs. She especially likes the water buckets and splashing! She started doing a full dog walk this week. Pretty special. She runs fast and stops at the end...we'll see how long that lasts once we start trialing.

We still need work on the weaves as she does not understand the importance of doing them with distractions. She'll get there. Everything else is going great!

Fun match: Fin participated in her first fun match. I was a bit nerve wracked, but all in all I consider it successful. First time out I only did 3-4 obstacles and then gave her a reward. Last run of the day I let her do all 15 jumps in the jumpers course. We dropped the first bar and I had a VERY late FC after 10, but all in all, she is getting it. The best part of this entire video is the "finger." The gal taping had her finger in the viewfinder the entire time! In addition, a fly landed on her finger and takes center stage!

What I learned today: She needs a little more back chaining on the dog walk to keep the speed up. Her A frame is BEAUTIFUL! She locks onto the tunnel very early and will have NO problem with a gamble. Her table is quite nice. She loves to jump :) She'll stress at the start line if I push her to play too much, but once running will take a break and play just fine.

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Anonymous said...

looking good Vici...Can't wait to see her first trial.