Friday, August 1, 2008

Fitness for Agility - Week 3

A day late, but no wiser!

Well if soreness equates fiteness, I'm there! My ab muscels are speaking to me baby! They are saying, "We've lived 49 years secretly surrounded by fat. Why'd you want to change things? We like it here nice and snug. Now you asking us to work! What's with that? We be sore today!"

I seriously have never had a conversation with my abs. Despite the soreness, I'm sorta digging it.

We have stepped up the physical part of the weightloss efforts and I believe that will pay off big time on the agility field. Food. Well. Hmmm....I did write down most of the stuff I put in my mouth.

Today is a new day and for the next 7 days I will write, write, write. :)

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