Thursday, August 28, 2008

When the Little Guy has to Stand Up to the Bully

I work hard on my veggie garden. In spring I always dig out the boxes, make sure the wire mesh is still in place to prevent moles and gophers. I put in new dirt, water and fertilize. I plant once the frost is over and make sure the plants get the attention they need.

Yesterday I went out to check the tomatoes. They looked great! There were a number that were ripe, but I thought to myself, "let them go one more day...they'll be so tasty tomorrow." What I couldn't anticipate is the total annihilation of every tomato I grew by a pack of tomato worms.

Did the tomato worms struggle to dig up the hard packed dirt from last year, NO!
Did the tomato worms pay the water bill, NO!
Yet, this year, like a pack of bantios, they came to MY home and raided my veggie garden.
No, they did not eat every tomato on all 6 of my plants, what they did was ate parts of every tomato on every plant so that no one is going to be able to eat any tomatoes! Not just the green ones, not just the red ones, EVERY SINGLE tomato is gone or half gone. They even ate the new buds!

I feel like I need the magnificant seven to come help me next year.

There simply is no justification for this carnage (all in one night!). I'm an easy going person. I know that I'll loose fruit and veggies to the animals and insects, it is why I grow so much. I figure, share and share alike. But I don't expect to loose ALL of my fresh veggies in ONE night!

Where did these guys come from? Why did they come to my house. Do they think I will stand by and let them do this to me? I grew those tomatoes, I get to decide how they are going to be distributed, and tomato worms were NOT on the list!

They are huge and ugly. But no more.

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