Monday, August 4, 2008

Agile Minds and Organization

So, ok, well, alright. I'll admit it. I'm a little bit unorganized. We've had blogs about my office, but not only do I clutter, I also don't finish things I start.

I'm trying to do better....and oh it does a body good. So this weekend I decided I was going to groom all the pups and get "something" organized. I didn't realize what I would organize wouldn't be mine.
So this is a picture of my husbands new closet (no before pic as we are just too embarrassed to even take a picture. I still need to add the doors. No I am the first to admit that I did NOT do this by myself. I asked Kel to go through his stuff and he was in charge of taking most of the stuff out, removing all the old hardware, filling in the holes, and painting. My part was to build the organizer, install it in the clean closet, install the hardware, and then since he was playing ball with my dogs, I put his clothes back (most of them anyway).

In addition to the closet, all the pups got makeovers. Rocky and Mads were in the worst shape. Never, and I mean NEVER let a sheltie go without brushing. Truth is I went on a 3 week trip and came home and got sick. I did not mean to let it go this far, but gosh all mighty their coats needed work. Rocky was on Friday and I spent over 6 hours brushing, bathing, trimming, brushing, brushing, brushing. Saturday I did Tazz and Fin (much easier) and bathed Maddie. Sunday in between breaks in the closet adventure, I brushed Maddie. Maddie loves to be on the grooming table and loves to get cookies, but doesn't like getting brushed. So maddie got to eat frozen dog food and I brushed her, then needed her faced washed. The entire time I brushed Maddie, Fin kept jumping up onto the grooming table cause she wanted to get groomed and get the goodies. Poor Maddie.

Still got some trim work on Mads, but they are all looking mighty good.

Today, I have a sore back. Hmmm. I wonder why.


Trish said...

me next! me next! closet and dog!

how bout pics of your closet and the clean dogs!

Trish said...

consistancy, it's all about consitancy. just like this blog. Where's my blog! we want Blog!