Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well not everyone knows, but the agility worlds has just ended. The US did well. We didn't win gold, but a number of other precious metals were won by team and individuals. The worlds were held in Norway. A friend went over and video'd all of the runs and had them posted each evening. It was incredible to be able to see friends of mine competing. Course maps were posted so you could imagine how you would walk the course and then you could watch the greatest agility competitors in the world run these courses.
Today in my class, my trainer set up one of the courses. We walked the course and then ran it. I pretented I was in the worlds.
I had a good time. We came in 2nd place, right behind "Havoc" who I don't think any dog can beat.
This weekend we are off to Dixon. Tazz and I will pretent we are at the worlds and work hard on our standard courses. Hopefully the Teeter will not be our downfall this weekend.

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