Friday, December 14, 2007


When I was seven, I fancied myself a hair stylist. My sister Trish was 2 (you know where this is going, I'm sure). Trish was the most beautiful child. She had this cute pixie hair cut with bangs and everywhere we went people fawned over her saying she looked like a little doll. I was a wee bit jealous with my wild hair and crooked eyes. I was supposed to be the star and I had been until this little bit of a girl entered our lives.

I got it into my head that I should cut off Trishs bangs. Now to convince her. Even then she'd do anything for me so convincing wasn't too hard. I cut the bangs right off. When I saw what I had done, I was horrified. When Trish saw what I had done she started screaming.

Parents intervened, punishments were handed out and many years later we still laugh. Best of all, Trish forgave me for my bad behavior...but strangly has never let me cut her hair since.

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