Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthdays and Anniversaries

May 21st is Kel's and my wedding anniversary.  We've almost been married more years then we haven't been married.  Kel is a great man.  He is caring, loving, tolerant, intelligent, and kind.  I'm lucky that he likes me.  The last 25 have had ups and downs and some straights as well.  But in all that time, I have felt supported and cared for.  He has made my life much better than it would have been had I not been married to him.  He has opened my eyes to possibilities of the world that I didn't know existed.  He has supported my crazy notions and allowed me to have the life that I have.  I am very thankful to have Kel in my life.  I'm am looking forward to the future and know that it will be good.

May 21s is also Fin's birthday.  She will be six.  She is a fabulous dog.  Quirky in a way only Fin can be, she makes me laugh and shake my head.  I have learned so much from Fin.  With Fin at my side doors have been open to me and I have been able to experience dog sports in a whole new way. 
Fins favorite thing in the world is to go fast...second only to cheese.  Tomorrow Fin will go fast and eat cheese. I adore my Finnie Fin Fin!


Diana said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a great guy! Happy birthday to Finn!!

corbinwooten said...

Happy anniversary and happy birthday to Fin!