Monday, June 23, 2014


These are the things I was looking for when I was preparing for Olives birth:
  • Drop in temp
  • Babies to settle down getting ready for birth
  • Lots of nesting behavior days in advance or at least the 24 hours before birth.
  • Took temp first time on Sat.  98.6.  CLEARLY I waited too long and should have started taking temps Thurs.  Since I'd never taken her temp with the new Thermometer before...we wouldn't have known whether the thermometer was off or it was accurate.  Obviously this the most accurate thermometer ever.
  • Babies were WILD in the womb on Saturday. Moving every which way.  They did not get the memo to settle before delivery.
  • Olive started wanting to be in the kennel, but I could easily call her out.  She played clicker games from 2-5, went swimming and chased the ball at 7pm on Saturday evening.  One short bout of nesting around 3pm but mostly just hanging out chill'n. 
  • Olive wanted to go to bed in her kennel at 8:30pm.  No problem.  Let her go in and rest while I decided it was high time to move furniture in my office and make a place for her to start nesting in preparing for going to Alison's for delivery at HER house.  Oops.
Around 8:30 after everyone left.  Kel helped me move furniture and make a large area that I tossed some blankets down and her favorite crate was there.  But did I think that we'd have puppies within hours?  Absolutely not.
10pm I'm lying in bed with Olive in a crate next to me.  I hear her nesting and I thought, I hope this isn't going to go on for the next few days.  Then I hear a grunt and I jump out of bed, turn on the light, open the crate, and Olive is in a panic with a baby hanging out of her.  AHHHHHHHH!
Kel was a rock.  He helped me carry her and the donut bed to the office and then brought me everything I asked for.  I texted Laura, phoned Alison and tried my best to keep baby #1 alive and happy while Olive panicked and didn't want anything to do with this alien that came out of her. 
Laura and Jeanine arrived just as baby #2 came out breached...but no problems.  Baby 3 followed soon afterward and things started to get calmer.  Alison arrived and we had an hour wait for baby #4 and then #5 following within 15 minutes.  The icing on the cake was #5 arrived and is a mini me to Olive...full white (we'll see if she gets spots as she grows up).
All babies are happy and healthy.  To say I'm in love is an understatement.  They went to Alison's yesterday and although I know it is best, I'm missing them all so much.  I get them back after 4th of July.  Can't wait...maybe I'll actually have a pen ready for them for their next arrival to my house.

 Baby #3 boy  5.2 ounces 

Baby #6 girl 5.4 ounces

 Baby #4 girl 5.7 ounces


Baby #2 girl 5.7 ounces (largest puppy)

Baby #1 girl 4.5 ounces (littlest)

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