Thursday, November 20, 2014

Uterine Cancer

I really didn't know about Uterine cancer before October 2014.  Cancers that scared me were Ovarian, Lung, and Breast.  I didn't even think about my uterus until September when I realized something was wrong.  Sorta like anything that works I guess.  Not really on the radar until the engine starts to sputter out.  That's when you find out you can't live without it!

Cancer is bad.  Really bad.  But if I've got to have cancer, Uterine cancer is a cancer that when caught early can be treated and cured.  I will still run just fine without those parts.  My humor, good vibes, and dance moves will still be intact. 

However, my cancer is not my friend.  It is evil and alien.  Sinister in it's approach, it gets inside and comfortable and then starts reproducing like guppies.  Bastard!

Fortunately for me, we are in the very early stage.  Surgery is the first line of defense.  Cut off the monster before it can spread it's invasion.  Second line of defense (if needed) is radiation with possible chemo.  I am hoping to skip all that but won't know for certain until meeting with my Doctor next week.

Finished with surgery and now waiting to find out whether the beast was able to get to the lymph nodes is at once relaxing and stressful.  I am relaxed knowing I've done what I needed to do.  I am stressed with the waiting.  I hate waiting.  Waiting sucks.  But the thing I'm finding is that time passes.  It just does. For me I'm working on my Zen "time passes and we all get where we are going so smell the roses."  Hmmmmmm...Hummmmmmm... Oh shoot, only 3 minutes have gone by...ahhhhh.   

The cancer is now in a lab somewhere contained for scientific study and I have become an interesting lab rat.  I am now part of a statistical study and I'm determined to swing that bar over to life.

Update:  My friend who I mentioned in the previous blog also took action.  She is an amazing woman and so freak'n strong.  She is free and clear. 


carol nash said...

Hey Vici - you'll just kick it's A$$ and be just fine. 7 yrs free & clear and I haven't missed that boob once :)

Elf said...

Hoping for free and clear, too, and meanwhile being amused by the drawing.

MaryVW said...

Hey Vici - you do know the whole wide world is rooting for you, don't you? The big "C" is a VERY scary thing no doubt about it - been thru it with my husband. Not fun. But we made it to the other side free and clear and lived to tell the tale (literally!). We are rooting for you - and we love ya! Take care my friend......

Louisiana family said...

Vici, we're still hoping for some news on how the lymph nodes fared and further prognoses. We are glad we get to keep in touch via FB, but we've also been sending hope and good wishes your way.