Monday, October 22, 2018

72 days no sugar.  Eating veggies, protein, and fruit.  About 1200 calories a day.  Big spurge, had movie popcorn when I went to the movies.  Planned for it and enjoyed it.  17 pounds down.

Honestly I feel like I should have lost 50 with how I'm sticking to this silly lifestyle change, but it is what it is.  Headed to the Doctor this morning to see if my blood work shows a difference.  I'm really curious how this no sugar thing is working and whether I can reduce or get rid of meds I'm taking for blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Many people call what I'm doing a low carb diet or Keto.  Yes, I would say overall my carbs are minimal.  I have eliminated bread, potato, rice, noodles, sugar from my diet.  I have increased my veggie and protein amounts and not worried about fats (I don't try to eat loads of fat, but I'm not worried about avocados, salad dressing, mayo, Olive Oil, etc).  For the most part I'm not really hungry although I do notice I have more mood swings than I used to.  One of my favorite meals that seems so decadent is the cauliflower margarita pizza.  ALMOST like the real thing. :)

I seem to be living a changing life.  An opportunity came and despite the fact I have absolutely no time for it, little Pyrotechnic has joined the Whiz kids.  He is almost 8 pounds of shear force.  So smart and fun I can't believe it. 

Joy thinks he is her personal toy and he agrees.  They get along really well.  I'm not sure what's going to happen when he gets older, but he really has a nice disposition and I'm hoping for a life long friendship.

I've had to really structure my time and barely am able to sit at the computer or watch TV anymore.  Those moments that I can are really enjoyable

He already knows where the potty area is and doesn't have to be carried from the bedroom with me running as fast as I can so he can go potty.  Now, I release him from his crate and we all run down the long hall to the outside where he goes exactly where he should go.  Such a smarty pants.  

His sisters live close by so he gets some time to play with them.  He spends most of these visits getting his arse kicked.  He just lays down or runs to me if it gets too much.  He also has a great extended family and gets loads of appropriate dog play.

He is a good little pup and I am the luckiest girl in the world as I have good friends helping me out so I get the opportunity to have a little Firework in my life.

A few things happened over the past week that have been difficult and took my emotions for a ride.  Not important to mention what, just that every day seem to bring challenges.  What I'm most proud of is my focus on responding to these things, accepting what it is, and acting on it in a mature way.  Sure the stress gets to me, but I'm not letting it derail me from my long term goals as I have a tendency to do.  When life gets too much, I love to:
  • Sit on the couch, watch something on TV to take my mind off my woes, and eat.
  • Go for a drive, get drive through, listen to a book on tape, and eat.
  • Go to Mexican restaurant, read a book, and eat
These are the behaviors I'm trying to change.  Face my anxieties, fears, stresses head on instead of wrapping myself in a carb fantasy that everything is going to be ok.

With the small weight loss, I am feeling much better about moving and heading to the agility field more for working pups.  Joy is getting really good at her handling and soon I hope to start competing again.

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