Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walking in the Fog thinking about Blog

Met up with Taj Mutt Hall today for a hike. She and I live in the same area and compete at all the same events. We actually know each other better through our blogs than in person. Such is the way of our world. Today we rectified the situation by spending 2 hours together.
Fin and Tika and Boost hiked Santa Teresa Park together. It feels that it is all uphill.
Boost was a little impatient for the "off leash" portion of the hike. I think Ellen forget to tell her that this hike was all about the people and there would be no crazy running through the tick infested grasses.
As always, we saw wildlife. A rabbit, a few small rodent types that Ellen claims are Voles, and some turkeys. Not one Tarantula or Tarantula Hawk was spied by the team.
Interestingly it was foggy today. I appreciated the fog as I'd rather hike in cold then heat, but even I got a little chilled up at the top and Fin had little wet drops on her coat when we started our decent.
We got the dog pose at the top.
I got the blogger in action.
The hike was a tough one. But very rewarding.


Elf said...

Great photos! I never noticed you taking the close-ups of my dogs' faces. Hey, could you email me those 2 photos with me & my camera? (I'd be glad to send you higher res of any I took if you want any.)

Dawn said...

Beautiful photos! I enjoyed them! I cam over from Ellen's much fun to read different versions of the same hike, though yours were very similar! Favorite photo was the one of the dry grass/plant thingy... :) - Dawn King from Michigan.

Trish said...

Looks wonderful