Monday, February 14, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Hysterical

Thank you Fin for making me smile more than once this weekend.  And thanks to my buds who stayed till the bitter end.

This weekend found us at a USDAA show in lovely Turlock.  Fin ran like a champion.  We had only one Q (in Gamble) but she was stupendous and minor little handling errors are huge when running the speed demon that is the Fin.  A minor late rear caused a bar on a gorgeous standard run.  A turn of the shoulders as the sun was setting for grand prix and she pulled off a jump. With Tazz, these little mistakes were correctable.  With little Fin, these minor mistakes are the difference between a Q and a no Q.

Bottom line, running my little black dog is a joy with or without the Q's.  I end every run with a HUGE smile on my face as I place the collar on her neck and say, let's go get the Cheese!  She is my little superstar and shows everyday what a lover of the speed (and the tunnel) that makes her who she is.

The video is 4 minutes long, is a grouping of a bunch of runs, and should only be viewed by the true Fin fans (otherwise, it might bore you).  At times, the commentary is the star, at others, just the shear velocity that Fin gets is amazing.  But, of special note, is the Snooker run about midpoint in the video.  Fin took an unexpected jump during the run.  Me, trying to recover from that minor little unexpected Snooker twist, and Laura's commentary is priceless.

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